How a Business Supporting Home Workers is Doing Their bit to Save the NHS £5m a Year

As the NHS continues to find itself under increasing strain, and crisis calls are being sent out from all angles, a business from Kent which has a team of over 5000 individuals across the UK has committed to playing its part in keeping them away from the NHS.

Bounce, the UK’s fastest growing insurance referral network, providing work from home opportunities to individuals across the country, has introduced private medical insurance into their benefits package for all active ‘Bouncers’, fully funded by the business.

Founder Ashley Reading, believes the NHS is an institution that needs support, and having been on the receiving end of their tireless work from him, losing both his grandad and his dad in quick succession in recent years, he feels passionately about stepping up to do anything he can to ease the pressure on them. Add to this a founding team member who ‘wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the NHS’ and Bounce is a business passionate about supporting our healthcare sys-tem.

Ashley said: “The NHS is overcrowded; NHS staff are overworked. It’s literally on the brink of col-lapse. My team members are scared, they are nervous about getting ill, and fearful for what that can mean for their earning potential. As a business owner with a large network of people who I feel responsible for, I wanted to do what I could to protect them, so our workforce, (fondly called “Bouncers”) will now get the treatment they need, and fast, in the event they should ever need it, without adding to the pressure within the NHS system.”

Founding team member and Group Operations Manager, Katie James, is especially proud to be announcing this additional benefit, having had her life saved on several occasions thanks to the NHS, after being reliant on the healthcare system from the age of 12, thanks to heart and lung deficiencies which led to her having her first transplant at just 15 and a further two kidney trans-plants in more recent years.

She said: ”I absolutely have the NHS to thank for my life, and seeing the panic they are in at the moment is horrible to watch. If we can do just a little to alleviate the pressure on them this makes me feel proud. I am also proud that we are supporting independent entrepreneurs who are keen to generate an extra income, protecting them and their health. I have always worked hard and been fiercely independent and have never let my health issues get in the way of that, so it’s great to be able to provide a service that can help others access support, should they need it, to minimize the impact of any illness”.

As part of their extended benefits package, all qualifying ‘Bouncers’ will get PMI, which sees them being able to get referred to see a private consultant, by using an app; with no need to make an appointment to see their GP and with a choice of which private hospital suits them. The policy also includes mental illness cover, something Ashley believes to be paramount, particu-larly in these uncertain times.

Ashley, who gained his business degree in the USA, and established the business in 2016 having worked for years in the financial services sector said: “The basic principles of our business are all focused around protecting people and I feel that by putting this added benefit in place, we’re going further towards doing that, at a time when both physical and mental health are at huge risk. As it stands, with our existing network, I estimate we can save the NHS around £5million every year and we’re also incentivizing our teams to reach out to others to help them get better protected too.”