Percentage of applications for Jobs in London doubles in last 12 months impacting recruitment in other regions

New jobseeker data published by leading job aggregator, shows London is currently dominating job applications in the UK with nearly a third (36.4%) of all job seekers in the last month applying for roles in the capital. These figures show a huge increase compared to this time last year when less than a fifth (19.7%) of applications were for jobs in London.

The report highlighted that London-based jobs and job seekers dominate the job market in 2022 compared to last year with the next city on the list, Birmingham, only accounting for 3.7% of applications followed by Manchester and Leeds with only 2%.

The surge in activity around the capital over the last few months ties in with millions returning to offices and being able to enjoy the social aspects of working in the city again. With millions more applying for jobs in London this is great news for businesses in the city but could have a negative on employers in other cities and regions looking to recruit. provides an all-encompassing careers solution and offers thousands of job seekers access to the widest range of jobs every day across the UK and internationally. The leading job aggregator processes millions of jobs and offers the latest cutting-edge technology to give job seekers the best solution for their next career move.

Joe Boll, CEO at, commented, “At we believe it is essential to understand how job seekers are applying for the latest jobs across our portfolio of websites to ensure we can offer the very best solution to mirror these trends. This new data shows a huge increase in demand for jobs in London which is good news for the capital but could impact other regions looking to attract talent.

We manage millions of jobs every week which means we can quickly see how the market is changing and what key trends are happening across employment in the UK.”