Forecast Announces New Business Intelligence Product ‘Advanced Analytics (AvA)’

AI-native project and resource management platform, Forecast, has announced the launch of a new product, ‘Advanced Analytics’ (AvA), powered by business intelligence and data analytics software, Sisense.

In a recent survey by Talend it was revealed that 73% of company executives would like to base the majority of their decisions on data, yet less than half rate ‘their ability to deliver on data accuracy, consistency, accessibility or completeness’ as ‘very good’.

Of those businesses using data analytics, a quarter of project managers described data input as the biggest ‘time waster’.

AvA addresses the need for easily accessible company data by providing ‘at a glance’ visual insights into business performance metrics like profitability and resourcing, ultimately empowering customers with intelligent insights to increase revenue, mitigate risks, decrease costs and drive efficiency and profitability across the board.

Using data intelligence to help businesses fuel growth, AvA provides tailored, customisable reports, dashboards and visualisations specific to individual commercial needs, using Forecast’s vast and accurate data as the foundation.

Through AvA, users can quickly spot inefficiencies and missed opportunities, with a clear view of insights such as which roles are under, or over-utilised, as well as or whether they are over or underestimating project plans.

Having such insights available ‘at a glance’ enables companies to take action quickly, drive up billable utilisation by hiring the right people at the right time, and balance commercial needs with resource availability. Businesses can also identify the biggest possible returns with a complete view of profitability across roles, clients, and projects.

Amalie Kaysen, VP of Product at Forecast says,

“Advanced Analytics gives our customers the power to surface the insights they need to answer critical business questions. AvA is based on robust data that lives in Forecast underpinned by proven BI technology from our partners at Sisense.”

“By connecting everything into our engine, with Advanced Analytics we are able to leverage data so that business leaders can understand questions like when they need to hire, how to increase profitability, and how to improve the success rates of their project portfolio, enabling users to identify the pain-points that are holding their business back, as well as highlighting opportunities for growth.”


Paul Scholey, VP of International at Sisense says, “It’s exciting to partner with innovative companies like Forecast that are infusing analytics with AI-powered insights to help business leaders make better, more accurate decisions at scale.”

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with such a leader in project and resource management that is revolutionising how CEOs, CFOs, COOs and Project Directors unlock the value of their data through dashboards, build their own customised reports and reap the efficiencies of real-time reporting.”


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About Advanced Analytics (AvA)

Ultimate visibility

Advanced Analytics gives users the ability to create visual reporting using Forecast’s accurate data. Using data from  past projects, with the ability to forecast into the future, gives users the visibility they need to make strategic business decisions with confidence.


Plenty of flexibility

Advanced Analytics customisation means users can create the specific reports, forecasts and analytics needed to do their job and keep teams informed, saving valuable time as the need to export and manipulate data in different systems is removed. Users will have all the data they need in one place to answer the questions that will enable them to drive growth.


Intelligent insights

Advanced Analytics allows users to take Forecast’s strong foundation of data and effortlessly build it into the reports needed to stay one step ahead. It allows users to answer critical questions and take timely action to drive growth, optimise efficiency, and mitigate risk.

About Forecast

The Forecast AI-native platform is a system of intelligence that represents the most advanced technology ever applied to managing finances, resources and projects. Forecast is the ultimate upgrade for any project team and organisation.

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About Sisense

Sisense goes beyond traditional business intelligence by providing organisations with the ability to infuse analytics everywhere, embedded in both customer and employee applications and workflows. Sisense customers are breaking through the barriers of analytics adoption by going beyond the dashboard with Sisense Fusion – the highly customisable, AI-driven analytics cloud platform, that infuses intelligence at the right place and the right time, every time. More than 2,000 global companies rely on Sisense to innovate, disrupt markets and drive meaningful change in the world. Ranked as the No. 1 Business Intelligence company in terms of customer success, Sisense has also been named one of the Forbes’ Cloud 100, The World’s Best Cloud Companies, six years in a row.


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