Shrewsbury House Prep School has been judged ‘Excellent’


The Surrey independent school has been awarded the highest possible rating in all areas by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), maintaining its reputation for outstanding teaching and pastoral care in the competitive single-sex day school sector.

As part of the regular inspection procedures for independent schools, Shrewsbury House School in Surbiton underwent a comprehensive inspection of its teaching and personal development of its pupils in September. The key findings of the report acknowledged the excellence of the School in every single area under inspection.

The work of staff in fulfilling the School’s aims, values and the outstanding achievements of the pupils in academic studies, personal development and other achievements were areas of particular praise. The ISI quoted ‘The quality of the pupils’ academic, personal development and other achievements is excellent.’

The report recognised the high standard of pupils’ excellent attitudes to learning and they develop high levels of independence from a young age. They are highly confident and speak freely showing a willingness to engage and achieve and to be fully involved with learning. Pupils show extremely high levels of perseverance, sustained focus and commitment in lessons. They collaborate extremely well and are co-operative and highly competent learners. They are eager to learn and use initiative to direct their own learning independently from an early age.

In addition, pupils of all ages and abilities achieve exceptionally high levels of knowledge, skills and understanding. They develop skills over time in a wide range of subjects. Pupils’ rapid development of higher-order thinking skills is helped by the open-ended questioning in lessons by staff.

Executive Head, Mrs Joanna Hubbard commented, “I am delighted that Shrewsbury House has been recognised for its excellent provision in all areas. The personal development of each boy is of paramount importance to us and we are proud of the rich and varied curriculum which enables them to develop their strengths and ignite new passions..”

The report praised the School’s personal development, finding that, pupils self-knowledge, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline are all excellent, and behaviour is at a very high level from a young age. Pupils have excellent levels of perseverance and resilience, and they respond to challenges at all levels with commitment and enthusiasm.’

Also from the personal development perspective the inspectors found that the pupils display excellent attitudes towards diversity and tolerance; they respect all members of the school and wider communities. They display high levels of personal understanding, reflected in their approach to school life and their development of positive personal characteristics.

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