West is best for many Brighton residents


In the past two years, cities have received an unexpected shake up as people have realised that quality of life in a smaller town can outweigh the benefits of urban living.  With more flexible and hybrid working, people have found that they are no longer tied to expensive long commutes or the need to be office based.  The change in working has given people the option to move to quieter locations and escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

This isn’t just people escaping the rat race of London.  Independent estate agent, Jacobs Steel, has seen a rise in Brightonians and Hove residents putting their houses on the market to go West.

Jacobs Steel has reported that people are realising that they can get more for their money just a few miles down the road. All this without compromising the coastal fresh air, sunshine and even the very same warm sea (well, maybe not that warm).  Here are the current top three towns that have recently become desirable to move to:

  1. Worthing – if you are looking for a city vibe but on a smaller scale, a move to Worthing might be the solution. The town is steeped in culture and offers events, attractions, art galleries, award winning restaurants and more – all without the heavy parking costs you would find in Brighton.  Popular for dog walking and water sports, this West Sussex resort has also been named as one of the best beaches in England.  The perfect place for the whole family.
  2. Lancing – it is easy to see why people opt to move to Lancing as it offers a quiet village life within easy reach of Brighton, as trains run direct there every 30 minutes. It’s also surrounded by agricultural land and the beach reveals its sandy bottom at low tide. Green issues are at the heart of the residents of Lancing, and they actively encourage people to get involved with their green campaigns including regular beach litter picks and their participation in a national-award winning campaign to reduce single use plastics.
  3. Shoreham-by-sea – generally shortened to just Shoreham, this coastal town is proving popular with families that want more living space in a town setting but with the benefits of a seaside city. With its shingle beach, country walks, ice cream parlours and variety of eateries, Shoreham has the perfect offering for young and expanding families.

Jacobs Steel can be found at www.jacobs-steel.co.uk.

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