“Golf Is Ruining My Life” – New podcast co-hosted by Tom Price and Tom Green launches Wednesday 30th March 2022

Comedians and self-confessed golf addicts Tom Price and Tom Green have concluded, over many holes, that golf is ruining their lives. They decided to create a podcast to share their experiences, and provide “pure golf therapy” for others who have found themselves in the same predicament.

“This podcast offers a golf safe-space. Pure self-indulgence for those who are potentially missing out on real life through constantly thinking about golf, or a formal space to purge themselves of golf thoughts, “ explains Tom Price, whose own obsession is to play a scratch round (or at least to stop bragging about the time he shot 4 over). “We called it “Golf Is Ruining My Life” rather than golf HAS ruined my life, because – as any amateur golfer knows – the fixation constantly gets worse.”

Tom Green adds “, when I explained to my dad that my schedule meant that I wouldn’t get to play golf as often, he responded by pointing out that golf isn’t actually my job. So, with this podcast, I hope to part-remedy that!”

Describing themselves as “two semi OK golfers” the duo will be discussing gear, techniques, and offering “non-professional advice” over a few beers.

They will also be reviewing courses and interviewing golf-obsessed guests or professional players as the series progresses.

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Link to trailer https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/series-one-coming-soon/id1613159457?i=1000553167652