Esteemed Cambridge Principal Co-Authors Landmark Book on UK Education


Dr Julian Davies PhD, Principal of Abbey College Cambridge, and Dr Martin Stephen, former High Master of St Paul’s School, have drawn on their substantial experience in welcoming international students to highly acclaimed Abbey College Cambridge and St Paul’s School, to co-write ‘An Overseas Parent’s Guide to UK Education.’ Both authors have in excess of 40 years of senior leadership in roles at leading independent schools and colleges, so were able to draw upon their own experience as well as that of the Independent School Association.

Dr Davies explains: “A British education is revered throughout the world, and is becoming increasingly sought after by overseas families who want to access for their children all the advantages it can offer, which includes facilitating entry into an elite university.

“The rationale behind the book is to demystify, and give support and guidance to parents living overseas, and considering sending their child to a British school or college. There is a lot of choice, and educational institutions can differ greatly, so the intention of the book is to help parents select the one that will be right for their child, allowing them to achieve their full potential.”

Dr Stephen comments, ‘The British independent schools and colleges system can confuse even those who have lived here all their lives. The aim of this book is to give an unbiased, non-partisan guide for parents and young people who wish to benefit from the UK’s renowned independent schools and colleges.

International students were also asked to share their experiences with readers, including three siblings from the same family who have dual Italian / Uruguay nationalities, and who attended Abbey College Cambridge. The eldest of the three children, Agustin, now attends University of Cambridge, Juan Francisco the middle sibling is in Year 13 and holding an offer to attend the same university and the youngest Victoria is currently in Year 12.  A similar account of life in a UK boarding school is provided by a student at Brighton College, an award winning boarding and day school.

The book is published by RSL Educational and available to purchase via Amazon in Kindle or Paperback, and the link can be found here An Overseas Parent’s Guide to UK Education

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