Paysend partners with Afrimoney to enable transfers to the Gambia and Sierra Leone

LONDON – 07 APRIL, 2022 – Paysend, the UK-based fintech with over 6.5 million customers, today announces a technology partnership with Afrimoney, the mobile money service provided by Africell, to enable money transfers to West Africa, specifically The Gambia and Sierra Leone.

Through the partnership, which is powered by MFS Africa, Paysend will enable users to send money across borders via Africell to The Gambia and Sierra Leone, with the funds reaching Afrimoney mobile wallets. With features like low fixed fees on money transfers, competitive exchange rates and the ability to receive instant international payments, Paysend is transforming how communities in West Africa manage money globally.

Alex Bessonov, Group Head of Network Development and Strategic Partnerships at Paysend, said: “The partnership between Afrimoney and Paysend, through MFS Africa, will assist customers all over the world to stay better connected and send funds to support loved ones in West Africa. They will experience more affordable rates for transferring money and experience far quicker processing times. Through Paysend’s easy-to-use app, automated phone number and text ID verification, users can immediately make transfers through Paysend’s platform.”

Andy Widmann, Afrimoney Group Director, said: “Remittances are among the most important applications for mobile money. We want our Afrimoney platform to be as simple and accessible as possible. This partnership with Paysend and MFS Africa makes it easier for people around the world to send mobile money to The Gambia and Sierra Leone, thus making the service even more useful to customers and giving them more financial opportunities.”

Nika Naghavi, Executive Director for MNOs at MFS Africa, said: “Originally a product found in only a few select markets, mobile money is now a global phenomenon. The benefits of mobile money are especially pronounced in the context of family remittances and connecting the diaspora and their loved ones back home. Through this exciting partnership with Afrimoney and Paysend, we will be jointly expanding access for the Gambians and Sierra Leoneans, making it seamless and cost-effective for them to receive money from their families abroad.”

For a limited 30-day period, Paysend is offering fee-free transfers to digital wallets in The Gambia and Sierra Leone until the end of May. Recipients will also receive an equivalent 2 USD bonus, credited by Afrimoney. Customers will also enjoy their first three transfers to digital wallets for improved exchange rates. To start sending money to West Africa, download the Paysend app from the App Store or Google Play, or visit to find out more.