Organisations look to outsourcing again post-pandemic

Access to talent and cost savings key drivers to outsourcing revival

Bristol, UK; 10 May 2022: In a recent survey of 300 IT leaders, over half of business leaders are outsourcing to gain access to talent and save on costs.

The survey, conducted by Amdaris, the Bristol-based software development specialist, found that 64% are adopting a new outsourcing strategy in light of the pandemic. With 63% finding it difficult to find and hire strong talent, access to talent was a strong reason for deciding to outsource (54%). This was followed by the imperative to save on costs (54%), access to knowledge and experience (41%) and project support (33%).

Moreover, 74% of organisations believe that outsourcing can help to improve or adopt better software development practices such as agile delivery and quality auditing.

“With the majority of budgets for IT leaders going on tech and talent, it would seem that post-pandemic outsourcing has come into its own as a solution for the top challenges we face today,” said Vlad Nanu, Co-CEO at Amdaris. “Organisations not only face the major challenge of being able to find tech talent, but also improving its digital skills and development velocity. The best technical skills often lie in markets outside of the UK such as Eastern Europe, well known as a tech hub. Continuing the support for that region is particularly key at this time.”

Amdaris assists global companies through expert outsourcing, which provides a wider talent pool and access to multiple stakeholders. This can help dilute the potential risk of losing talent due to unforeseen circumstances. Furthermore, by having multiple centres across Europe, Amdaris is able to quickly mitigate potential risks and assist employees affected by global events.

To support Ukraine, the company relocated its Ukrainian employees from its Odesa facility to centres in neighbouring countries. Amdaris is also providing ongoing support to staff and their families who have been affected by the war through daily check-ins and pastoral care. Amdaris has pledged to help the wider Ukrainian tech community by providing secure employment to any tech professional being forced to flee the country due to the ongoing conflict.