Business advisor urges people to outsource to help build economy

A BUSINESS advisor is offering his expertise to help people support other businesses while growing their own.

Colin Bielckus runs Outsourced Finance Director based in Whiteley and supports business owners and professionals in their decision making.

He is encouraging small business owners to outsource services to help both them and other small businesses to grow and, in turn, eventually boost the economy.

He said that during his career of helping people in business, he has found that a lot of people opt to do everything themselves in an attempt to save money, but says this could have more of a detrimental effect than a positive one.

He said: ‘People think that by doing all of the tasks within a business, from accounting to marketing and everything in between, that they’ll save money, but, in fact, what they are doing is spending valuable time on things that aren’t paying them back.’

Colin said that the answer is to use trustworthy contractors and freelancers to complete tasks.

He said: ‘If you don’t have the skillset, time or resources, then it’s important to bring someone into the business who does. Not only are you freeing up your own time to focus on the day-to-day operation of your business, but you’re supporting other businesses at the same time.

‘But it’s important to state that if you can’t afford to pay people to do these tasks, then you shouldn’t be. We’re hearing a lot about businesses that aren’t paying their suppliers and it’s a vicious cycle. You should be treating your contractors like they’re part of your team. They’re not employees but they’re just as important.

‘You wouldn’t just not pay an employee’s wages or sack them without notice, so don’t treat contractors or freelancers any differently.’

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