Study Reveals Over Half Of Londoners Want More Non-Alcoholic Alternatives In 2022

A new study has revealed that over 50% of Londoners would like to see a wider array of alcohol-free and non-alcoholic drinks on offer when socialising. In total, 49% of those surveyed were in favour of were in favour of restaurants, bars and pubs adding more alcohol-free options to its menus.

Polling 2,000 Brits, research carried out by OnePoll on behalf of ZAG Drinks – a leading NoLo startup – saw almost two thirds (58%) of respondents vote that they would like to see more options than traditional soft drinks, alcohol-free beer and non-alcoholic choices offered by hospitality venues.

Whilst this new research revealed that the largest demand for more options came from respondents across London, the North East and Scotland had the next highest numbers of support votes with 60% and 55% of voters also demanding more variety.

Managing Director of ZAG Drinks, Bonnie Hatcher, is certain that the growing appetite for alcohol alternatives is only set to increase, commenting on the survey’s findings:

“It’s no surprise that more people than ever across London are looking for great-tasting alternatives to alcoholic drinks, whether they’re having a meal with friends or going for post-work drinks with colleagues. The data from the OnePoll survey clearly illustrates that consumers are actively calling out for more sophisticated options to enjoy within social settings.

“We firmly believe that non-alcoholic drink menus should be prioritised just as much as wine lists, cocktail menus and other alcoholic options; we’re determined to be change drivers within this area of the industry and want to empower bars, restaurants and pubs across the capital to take the pressure out of social occasions for their customers.

“By offering healthier, tastier alternatives to the traditional offerings of sugary soft drinks, alcohol-free beers and more on the market, venues can help to provide grown-up flavours and experiences for customers.”

One of the UK’s most innovative NoLo start-ups, ZAG was co-founded by Fraser Duncan and Jerry Goldberg two years ago after realising there was a gap in the market for an adult drink that was low sugar, doesn’t contain alcohol nor compromise on flavour or ingredients.

Pioneering the brand new ‘Social Softs’ drinks category, ZAG is the perfect refreshment for when you’re not drinking or cutting back whilst enjoying a social occasion or eating food.

Rather than attempting to replicate an existing alcoholic drink, ZAG offers an entirely new and unique flavour; blending familiar refreshing flavours such as cucumber, mint and citrus with less common, more adult flavours including green tea, natural hemp flavouring and kombucha.