Hilsea e-waste recycling firm saves 4 tonnes of carbon emissions in just wood in last 6 months alone


IN the last six months alone, an electrical recycling firm has saved a significant amount of CO2 through just wood.

Hilsea-based Southern Electrical Recycling specialises in the safe disposal of all electronic equipment.

During the process of breaking down each item, they often encounter other materials such as plastic and wood that they also dispose of in a safe way that has a positive effect on the environment.

In the last six months, the firm has saved four tonnes of carbon emissions through their recycling of wood alone.

The saving that the firm, which is also known as SER, has saved, is equivalent to more than 13 trees being planted, almost 1.5 cars being taken off the road and more than two houses being powered.

This is on top of the carbon emissions it has saved through the recycling of other materials such as metals and plastics found in e-waste over the last six months.

Managing director, Gary Dalton said the team are extremely pleased with the saving.

He said: ‘Considering we’re just a small company in Hilsea, that is a brilliant amount of emissions saved. It goes to show that it is the small changes that make a difference. People often dismiss the small changes thinking that it won’t make a difference, but if we all recycle things a little more, the earth will thank us in the long run.’

The CO2e savings have come from 7.34 tonnes of waste that was collected from SER, of which 100 per cent was able to be recycled.

Fellow managing director, David Edwards said: ‘The difference between disposing of your waste properly and not is that 100 per cent of it can get recycled and none of it has to go to landfill to affect the environment and potentially harm us and our children.’

You can find out more about SER and its environmental efforts at www.southernelectricalrecycling.co.uk

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