Spond Hits 1 Million Monthly Active Users in the UK

Landmark Solidifies Spond’s Position in Grassroots Sports

Spond, the sports team management solution hailing from Norway, has unveiled a significant milestone: surpassing 1 million monthly active users in the UK for the first time. This achievement emphasises Spond’s increasing prominence in the UK marketplace and its strategic alignment with the evolving needs of grassroots sports teams and clubs.

The UK’s grassroots sports sector, comprising over 150,000 organisations and involving more than 8 million regular participants and 250,000 volunteers, demands efficient administration and communication tools. Spond’s rapid user adoption highlights its ability to fulfil this requirement, providing a ready-made and free-to-use solution for messaging, scheduling, payments, fundraising and more.

Steve Fletcher, chairman and founder of Solent Sports, Spond’s biggest UK club with nearly 2,500 members, stated: “Spond has been instrumental in our club management. The platform simplifies administration and boosts communication efficiency, a game-changer for clubs with extensive memberships.”

In 2022, Spond’s platform contributed to saving volunteers an equivalent of 3,138 years, representing a tangible £360 million societal value, based on hourly pay metrics. These figures underscore the real-world impact and effectiveness of Spond’s app and the Spond Club solution.

Trine Falnes, Spond’s CEO, said: “It’s been a pivotal year for grassroots clubs and groups in the UK, evolving through challenges and embracing digital support more than ever. Amidst the rising costs of living and other external pressures, our consistent user growth, coupling in 12 months to reach 1 million MAUs in the UK, signifies the trust this community places in Spond.

“We’re grateful for every coach, player, and supporter who turns to our platform daily. This isn’t just a metric for us; it’s a testament to our commitment in supporting grassroots sports and fostering healthier communities. As we move forward, Spond remains dedicated to being an integral, free-to-use digital ally for these vibrant groups.”

As technology plays an ever-increasing role in streamlining the operations of grassroots sports organisations, Spond’s ascendancy in the UK market underscores its potential to lead this revolution.

To find out more about Spond, visit www.spond.com.