Equity Release Supermarket Launch New B2B Proposition

Equity Release Partners is a unique service available to all Advisers.

Equity Release Supermarket (ERS), the UK’s No.1 independent equity release advisory service, have today announced the launch of Equity Release Partners – a new B2B platform, providing access to their innovative and unique equity release technology.

Equity Release Partners (ERP) is the smartER equity release referral service. Advisers – be that Wealth Advisers, Financial Advisers, or Mortgage Advisers – can now gain access to a range of ‘plug and play’ tools, whilst being remunerated for their introductions.

These tools include smartER, calculators, comparison tables and informative solutions – all of which can be branded in accordance with the Adviser’s business. Product information is real-time, regardless of the website the tools are plugged into, therefore customer results are always accurate.


Mark Gregory, Co-Founder & CEO at Equity Release Supermarket commented: “During a period of tough market conditions, driving efficiencies has been our main priority. With volatility peaking within H1 of this year, the need for digital capabilities has never been so important, which is why we’ve worked hard to bring these digital solutions to our business, and now to a broader market through our B2B platform, supporting both Advisers and their clients.

“We are delighted to invite Advisers to utilise these tools for their benefit, as well as the benefit of their customers.”


ERP provides access to a suite of tools, including smartER.  Advisers can integrate smartER into their website, enabling their customers to achieve personalised equity release results and a fulfilling customer experience. Entry to this technology also empowers customers to take control, giving them freedom to research the whole of market and find the right deal for them, in their own time.


Advisers can also gain access to a suite of maximum loan and analysis calculators, enabling clients to learn more about equity release, whilst creating profitable introductions for Advisers. Driven by real time lender data, the calculators cater for any prospective customer wishing to conduct their own research. A choice of 12 calculators can be plugged into an Adviser’s website.


Mark said: “Our suite of products form part of the one-system approach to our technology, completely aligned to Consumer Duty, going beyond the required guidance to form an industry-leading client and adviser journey.”


Advisers receive payment for each introduction they refer, as well as a percentage commission – aligned to the consumer duty principles around fair value and pricing.


Mark added: “We want to help businesses to grow and thrive, through the use of our technologies.

“To us, the most important aspect of a partnership is the people. We will work with our partners to ensure they have a direct relationship with an ERS Account Manager and Adviser. Adviser’s clients will also have a direct Account Handler, to ensure the best possible customer experience is being delivered.”


ERS provide entirely independent and whole of market advice, with no attached lender.  This independence allows for impartial advice on products from the whole of the equity release market.