The Art of Value Whispering: A New Era for Popular Business Podcast

Melitta Campbell introduces a rebranded podcast to empower introverted women business owners.

Multi-award-winning business coach and acclaimed author Melitta Campbell announces the rebranding of her popular podcast to “The Art of Value Whispering,” marking a strategic shift to better serve her global audience of women with small businesses. The change takes effect on February 1, 2024, with episode 190.

Melitta started her first business in communication consultancy 15 years ago after she was unable to return to her corporate job at Europe’s largest bank due to a lack of childcare. After experiencing burnout from eight years of successfully running her business, she became a business coach for women, hoping to share her knowledge with other women entrepreneurs. She now proudly wears the title of “The Value Whisperer,” using her extensive marketing and leadership experience to help women express their true value with confidence.

The rebranded podcast, which initially began as “The Driven Female Entrepreneur” in March 2020, is evolving to meet the changing needs of its audience. Since publishing her bestselling book, A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking, the podcast has attracted many introverted business owners. With an increasing number of men tuning in and a demand for authentic marketing strategies, the podcast will feature Melitta’s advice on adopting her “Value Whispering” methodology in a small business setting.

The Value Whispering framework is built on three core pillars: understanding one’s true value, weaving this value into all aspects of the business, and mastering self-leadership. Though introverted entrepreneurs have found Melitta’s coaching particularly useful, clients of all personality types have applied her strategies to approach marketing in a more genuine and meaningful way.

“Promoting yourself and your business can feel weird and awkward. However, when you know your true value, and you can weave this through everything you do, you don’t need to shout about your services. Your whisper is already powerful enough to create a lasting impact,” says Melitta.

The Value Whispering approach is more than just a marketing strategy; it’s a transformative business education set to positively change outcomes for women- and introvert-led companies across the globe. For more insightful discussions and practical advice on adopting it, tune in to “The Art of Value Whispering” podcast.

You can find the Art of Value Whispering Podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Audible and via Melitta’s website:


About Melitta Campbell:

Melitta Campbell is a multi-award-winning business coach. Using her three decades of marketing and leadership experience, she helps women confidently communicate and sell their true value and feel proud of their impact, work that has earned her the title “Value Whisperer.”

Melitta often shares her Value Whispering approach to marketing and personal branding on stages around the world. She’s also the host of the popular podcast, “The Art of Value Whispering” (previously the Driven Female Entrepreneur). She is also the author of the bestseller A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking.

Originally from Wales in the UK, Melitta now lives in Switzerland with her family.