UK’s pet boom fuels Homesitting opportunities for the over 60s

Forget putting on the slippers and early bedtimes! With the cost of living pushing many Brits to work past retirement age, the traditional image of retirement feels out of date.

Many retirees today crave meaningful, flexible work opportunities that offer purpose and adventure. Research from Rest Less, an online community for older workers, found that 446,601 people over 70 remained in the workforce last year – a 61% increase since 2012[i]. While many continue in their previous careers, others are seeking something fresh, something with more travel and freedom, which is why many are turning to home and pet sitting.

Homesitters Ltd, a leading home and pet sitting agency reports a surge in demand for responsible and reliable individuals to care for homes and beloved pets while owners are away.

“Pet ownership has reached record highs, and with travel firmly back on the agenda, our homesitters are in more demand than ever,” says Ben Irvine, Director of Operations at Homesitters Ltd. “We actively recruit mature and responsible individuals looking to earn money while enjoying animal companionship and exploring different parts of the UK.”

More than just matchmaking, Homesitters Ltd prioritises peace of mind for both homeowners and their sitters. Prior to each assignment, they arrange introductory meetings to ensure a perfect fit, and provide comprehensive insurance for their homesitters as well as support throughout the assignment.

Susan Ferguson

Susan Ferguson, a retiree from Hornsea in West Yorkshire is reaping the benefits of homesitting. After years managing a mental health service, Susan retired in 2016, determined to stay active and give back to her community. Volunteering as a watch keeper and at a charity shop kept her busy, but a love for animals and a desire for an extra income drew her to homesitting.

A national newspaper article introduced Susan to Homesitters Ltd, the perfect fit for her active lifestyle and passion for animals. “I enjoy long walks, fresh air, and being around various creatures,” she says. “With my agriculture degree, the more rural stays are especially rewarding.”

Since her first assignment in 2018, Susan has completed more than 10 assignments, building regular clients and a special bond with three cocker spaniels who hold a special place in her heart. Homesitting also offers unexpected benefits. “It’s not the main reason, but saving money on bills is a lovely perk,” Susan admits.

Susan also isn’t afraid to embrace new experiences. Before each assignment, she visits the area, researching local attractions and getting a feel for the place. One of her recent adventures featured a unique menagerie: a Cavapoochon dog, a Persian cat, tropical fish, an axolotl (which she had to Google!), and even a crested gecko!

For Susan, Homesitters is more than just an agency; it’s a supportive community. “They’re a lovely company, always there for me. Knowing I have someone on the phone if needed is very comforting.”

With the cost of living pushing the boundaries of traditional retirement, homesitting offers a compelling alternative. Whether you seek pet-loving companionship, the freedom to explore, or a financial boost, homesitting could be the key to unlocking a fulfilling post-career chapter.

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