4 tips for choosing the perfect commuter car


If you’re regularly travelling long distances to reach your place of work, you’ll want a car that is both reliable and easy to drive. You’ll also find these journeys eat away at your fuel and wear out your car, meaning there are some things to prioritise before making your decision.

Since investing in a vehicle is financially draining, you would benefit from first assessing your budget. It’s for this reason that used cars are popular among commuters. That and they’ve already likely taken the biggest depreciation hit, so you can easily find an affordable vehicle with great mileage.

In this guide, we take a look at some of the main features to look for in your next commuter car.

Driver assistance technology

On those longer commutes, staying connected with others is beneficial. Whether it’s a work meeting or a family emergency, having Bluetooth connectivity allows you to communicate in a safe and convenient way.

You should also look into the safety features of the vehicle. To reduce the risk of an accident on those mornings when you’ve not yet had your coffee, opt for a vehicle with adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and reverse parking cameras.

Decent fuel efficiency

Short commutes can lead to infuriating wait times in stop-start traffic, which, while bad for the environment, means you’re burning through your hard-earned money. Should you only stick to lower speeds during your drive to work, consider a vehicle with a smaller petrol engine or one with battery-powered assistance.

With longer commutes, there’s no avoiding the need to constantly fill up your car with fuel. What you can do though is choose a model that has great fuel efficiency. Typically, diesel engines are more up to the task but you can also find suitable petrol vehicles too. Alternatively, you could consider purchasing an electric car if you can charge your car while at work.

Comfortability of the vehicle

You’ll be spending a large amount of time in the vehicle so it’s important to opt for something you feel comfortable in and enjoy driving. Not only will this improve your confidence but it will also increase the safety of both you and other road users. This is why it’s always best to test drive the car before exchanging any finances.

While not a necessity, features like heated seats and a heated windscreen can make those cold winter mornings that bit more bearable.

Additional maintenance costs

Remember, owning a vehicle is more than just paying an initial fee. You’d be surprised by the maintenance costs of some cars, including insurance and repairs. It’s always worth using comparison websites to check insurance quotes for different vehicles before making your purchase.

Additionally, it’s vital to check the MOT and service history of the vehicle to assess its state and whether further repairs may be more likely. The last thing you want is your car to suddenly need to go to the garage before an important meeting.

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