The décor in your bedroom can help you to feel that much more relaxed and cosy when you unwind for the evening. But getting the best from the space isn’t always straightforward. Let’s look at a few renovation tips that will help your bedroom look and feel incredible.

Prioritise the layout

The layout of the space will support its function. Build everything around the most important piece of furniture – the bed. You can then install other items, like wardrobes, such that you’re not using too much floor space, and making the room feel claustrophobic or overcrowded. By rearranging your furniture just a little bit, you can often improve the flow of foot traffic through the room, while making the best possible use of the available space.

Fitted, made-for-purpose wardrobes will do this brilliantly, and they make a great investment even in bedrooms that don’t have awkward spaces to fill.


You don’t have to throw up physical separating walls to create a sense of fragmentation in your room. You might use the room for sleeping, dressing, and unwinding – so why not set aside various sections of it, so that they can be furnished and decorated just for those purposes?

Upgrade your bedding and mattress

The quality of your mattress can have a big impact on your overall quality of life. If you’re not comfortable in bed, then your sleep will be interrupted – which means poor performance throughout the day. Make sure that you try out pillows, fabrics and mattresses in person, so that you can make purchasing decisions that match your unique needs.


Without the right lighting, your bedroom is unlikely to feel warm and inviting. Ideally, you might incorporate many different kinds of light sources. Overhead fixtures provide general light that can be used to fill out the room – but you might also install a reading lamp beside the bed, or a few accent lights to really fill out the space. Smart bulbs and dimmer switches can be used to bring the lights down to an acceptable level, pre-sleep.

Personalise with Decor and Accessories

Follow all the advice we’ve run through thus far, and you’ll end up with an impressive, functional bedroom. But until you make the space uniquely yours, you might never feel truly ‘at home’ in it. Invest in a few decorative items which reflect your personal style and tastes. That way, your bedroom will feel like it belongs to you!

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