Choosing Your Getaway: England Vs European Holiday Destinations


Planning your next holiday? A vacation is always something to look forward to, but these breaks are also important for our mental health and overall well-being. When choosing a holiday this year, you might be trying to decide between a staycation in England or a European trip abroad. It is tough to decide, and will ultimately be your own choice, but this post will provide you with information that should help you to decide.


Accessibility & Travel Convenience

England: Of course, traveling in England will be a lot easier and more convenient for those in England (and other UK countries). There is an excellent infrastructure in place, including both trains and roads, which means that it is easy to get around.

Europe: While there is excellent travel infrastructure in place throughout Europe, you will inevitably find that a great deal more planning is required with an overseas vacation. This might include booking flights and navigating international travel regulations. The rail network and budget airlines can make Europe an easy and affordable place to travel, though.

Beautiful Bath.  Photo by Cajeo Zhang on Unsplash

Cultural Diversity & Historical Richness

England: Although small in size, it is hard to beat England when it comes to cultural diversity and historical richness. The cultural heritage is evident throughout, including places like Stone Henge, the many stunning medieval castles, and cities like London, Oxford, and Bath, all of which are steeped in history and culture.

Europe: Europe also has a fascinating history to discover, each country with its own story and culture. This includes the ancient ruins of Rome, the romance of Paris, and the artistic allure of Barcelona, just a few examples.


Natural Landscapes & Outdoor Activities

England: It is often overlooked, but England is a country of outstanding natural beauty and diverse landscapes. This includes rolling English countryside, rugged coastlines, thick woodland, and stunning national parks like the Lake District, providing opportunities for hiking, cycling, and other outdoor pursuits.

Europe: Europe has every landscape imaginable, from snow-capped mountains to gorgeous sandy beaches. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy activities like skiing in the Alps, hiking in the Swiss countryside, Italy tours exploring Tuscany, or island-hopping in the Greek islands.


Culinary Experiences & Gastronomic Delights

England: England’s culinary scene often gets a bad rap, but it is home to farm-to-table dining, artisanal products, and diverse international cuisines. You can also find great pub fare through to swanky Michelin-starred restaurants.

Europe: Every region has its own culinary specialists and delicacies to try on holiday. This could include pizza and pasta in Italy, pastries in France, or tapas in Spain.


Deciding whether to stay in the UK or explore somewhere in Europe is a tough decision. Hopefully, the information in this post will help you make a decision and plan a vacation that will suit your preferences and be a memorable experience.

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