Cloud has made two key appointments to accelerate its global expansion plans, with Stuart Ruthven promoted to the director of products and Katie Harvey to director of operations.

Stuart (pictured above)  joined Cloud two years ago as IoT Product Manager and played a pivotal role in shaping the company’s technology strategy and product lineup, particularly with the development of Mindsett PRISM. With over 15 years of experience in technology and product development, Stuart has focused on developing and managing innovative solutions, notably in facility management, computer-aided facilities management (CAFM) and IoT projects.

Commenting on the appointments, Jeff Dewing, CEO at Cloud, said: “Cloud has a history of innovation in facilities management and is now recognised as a leader in Greentech. It’s important to ensure that our next step in the journey is supported by the best talent the industry has to offer.

“Stuart’s promotion to director of products marks the significant contribution he has made to the success of Cloud’s industry-changing technology Mindsett PRISM, and its current expansion into new global territories, such as US, Singapore and the Netherlands. He has a deep understanding of the benefits that technology can bring to facilities management and the reduction of carbon emissions.”

Katie Harvey

Katie Harvey, with over nine years of dedicated service at Cloud, has demonstrated exceptional leadership across various domains, from helpdesk support to account management and supply chain optimisation. In her recent role as a client success partner, Katie spearheaded transformative initiatives in client service delivery.

Cloud COO, Terry Mills said: “Katie has been the driving force behind significant changes in our service delivery to clients. She is an outstanding member of the client services team, and her promotion to director of operations will ensure we continue to place customer success at the heart of everything we do.”

Cloud is currently rolling out its revolutionary Mindsett PRISM ® platform, an IoT solution designed to monitor building assets, provide real-time data insights, and empower users to enact sustainable changes. By leveraging IoT, AI, and machine learning, property managers can optimise energy and resource consumption, reduce costs, and establish predictive maintenance protocols, leading to tangible environmental and financial benefits. Notably, users have achieved remarkable energy savings of up to 23% in large-scale operations.

The research that informed the development of Mindsett was recently recognised by The University of Essex in its ‘Celebrating Excellence in Research and Impact Awards 2023’. Cloudfm was awarded ‘Best Research Impact in Enterprise and Innovation’ for its work in predictive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime and improve FM analysis and asset monitoring.

Cloud has received international recognition for its innovative thinking and applications. It prides itself on service-led partnerships that deliver value for all stakeholders.

The development of its Freedom platform created an eco-system that drove new levels of transparency and accountability across the supply chain. It is now set to lead IoT with the Mindsett platform, designed to eliminate waste and help companies manage their path to Net-Zero profitably.
Cloud is named as a global leader in IoT-enabled predictive maintenance by Gartner.