London’s BT Tower Is Set To Become A Hotel


LONDON, UK - FEBRUARY 16TH 2018: A close-up view of the historic BT Tower in London, UK, on 16th February 2018.

A New Chapter for a Historic Landmark

London’s skyline is poised for a historic makeover as the BT Tower, an emblematic structure once known as the UK’s tallest building, is set to embark on a new journey. 

The BT Group has inked a monumental GBP 275 million deal with MCR Hotels for the tower’s conversion into a luxury hotel, promising an unmatched view of the city’s expansive skyline. This initiative marks a significant transition from the tower’s original role in telecommunications to a new era of hospitality and leisure.

From Telecommunications Hub to Hospitality Haven

Constructed in 1964, the BT Tower stands at 189 meters, dominating London’s architectural landscape for years as its tallest edifice. 

Initially erected as a cornerstone of the UK’s telecommunications network, the tower’s significance has waned with advancements in technology, rendering its original functions obsolete. The transformation project breathes new life into this historic structure, turning it from a once-exclusive telecommunications hub to a beacon of hospitality.

Preserving Heritage with a Modern Twist

The conversion project is not just about creating another hotel; it’s about preserving a piece of London’s history. MCR Hotels, the new custodian of the tower, brings a wealth of experience in repurposing landmark sites, such as the transformation of the TWA terminal at New York’s JFK airport into a hotel.

 “We are proud to preserve this beloved building and will work to develop proposals to tell its story as an iconic hotel,” stated Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR Hotels. The collaboration with renowned London designer Thomas Heatherwick promises a fusion of heritage and modern design, ensuring that the BT Tower’s legacy continues in a new avatar.

A Delicate Balance: Conversion with Conservation

The BT Tower’s status as a listed building introduces a layer of complexity to the conversion process. 

Regulations surrounding listed buildings are stringent, aimed at preserving their historical integrity. MCR Hotels, in partnership with Thomas Heatherwick, is tasked with navigating these regulations to bring the hotel project to fruition while respecting the tower’s architectural heritage. BT’s agreement includes a decommissioning period for its equipment, highlighting a thoughtful approach to the transition, ensuring that the tower’s transformation respects its past.

Ensuring Safety and Security

A critical aspect of the BT Tower’s transformation into a hotel involves addressing the safety and security of future guests, as well as safeguarding the property’s historic integrity. 

Given the tower’s unique structure and its status as a listed building, specialised hotel insurance will play a pivotal role in this conversion process. MCR Hotels, alongside its design and engineering partners, will need to navigate the complexities of obtaining comprehensive hospitality insurance. 

This will ensure that the tower’s transition from a telecommunications hub to a hospitality haven is managed with the utmost care, emphasising the importance of preserving its heritage while providing a safe, modern, and luxurious guest experience.

A Global Trend: Repurposing Landmarks Into Luxury Accommodations

The BT Tower’s conversion into a hotel is not an isolated event but part of a global trend of repurposing historic landmarks into unique hospitality experiences. London itself boasts several examples, such as the Ned Hotel, set in the former Midland Bank headquarters, and Raffles London, housed in the erstwhile War Office building. 

These projects blend history with luxury, offering guests an opportunity to immerse themselves in the city’s rich past while enjoying contemporary comforts.

A Vision for the Future

The transformation of the BT Tower into a hotel is a testament to London’s evolving landscape, where history and modernity coalesce. This project not only offers a new lease of life to a structure that has been a significant part of London’s skyline but also enriches the city’s hospitality offerings. 

As MCR Hotels embarks on this ambitious project, the future BT Tower Hotel is set to become a landmark destination, inviting guests from around the world to experience a piece of London’s history, reimagined for the generations to come.


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