Why you should move to Brighton in 2024


A beautiful shot of Brighton UK

Thinking of moving to Brighton this year? If you’re already familiar with the coastal town, you probably don’t need much persuading. With beautiful landscapes, plenty of attractions, and a vibrant culture, Brighton is so much more than a ‘seaside resort’.

From students to commuters, families, and young professionals, Brighton certainly is diverse. We take a look at why pretty much everyone wants to live here. Hopefully, this should make your decision to relocate that bit easier.

Variety of housing

Brighton is home to a mix of Victorian, Regency, and Edwardian homes. While prices here tend to be higher than the UK average, they are still much more affordable than those in London. And you’re likely to find something more spacious and modern.

You’ll also find new build developments cropping up in Brighton all finished to the highest standard. Since these properties are adapted to meet energy-efficient regulations, you’ll be able to save on your energy bills and live more sustainably.

Links to London

One of the largest benefits of Brighton is how well-connected it is to London. Depending on whether peak times apply, it can take as little as 60 minutes to reach the Capital. This is ideal for commuters, who don’t want to experience London’s high cost of living but still want a relatively short journey to work.

The same goes for people who want to venture into London occasionally to see the sights and do some shopping and then head back to their seafront home.

Great jobs prospects

You don’t even need to commute to London since Brighton offers plenty of job opportunities. The job market is culturally diverse, with financial, creative, and technology sectors being the largest and most prominent.

While the employment rate has decreased slightly in the last year, it currently sits at 72.4%, which is similar to the UK average of 75%. Key employers, including Lloyds Bank and American Express, have helped to provide a spectrum of career prospects over the years while also boosting the city’s economy.

Friendly and inclusive community

Brighton is one of the happiest cities in the UK – but don’t just take our word for it. A study found that the seaside resort scored highly for its weather, climate, range of activities, and safety.

As the UK’s unofficial LGBTQ+ capital, you can be sure that Brighton is an incredibly welcoming and friendly place to live. It even hosts numerous festivals to honour this diversity over the year, including two Pride celebrations.


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