Jones Homes offers to build garden office cabin for last buyer at Folders Grove in Burgess Hill


A purpose-built cabin-style home office is available to the last house purchaser at Jones Homes’ Folders Grove development in Burgess Hill.

The homebuilder is offering to construct the cabins in the rear gardens of the final property for sale, which are both designed in the four-bedroom detached Lindfield II house style.

The stylish wood-panelled structure would make an ideal home office but could also be used as a hobby or craft room, a home gym, or a playroom.


Marketing and Sales Director for Jones Homes Southern, Sara Stanhope said: “We are finding more and more that people require space in their home for a range of activities including working from home.

“The Lindfield II is a large four-bedroom home which could certainly provide office or hobby space within one of the bedrooms. But, if all the bedrooms are needed for family members, or if the buyer wants a self-contained space for work that is separate from the main house, a garden cabin is quite an attraction.

“A stylish modern cabin could make the perfect place for working from home and it’s only a short commute to the office – just a stroll across the garden.

“But the best thing about these garden cabins is how versatile they are. If the buyer wants a gym room or somewhere to work on crafts and hobbies, this self-contained building is the perfect solution as it keeps everything in one place, separate from the main living space.

“It ties in with the fact that homebuyers now want their property to serve many purposes and to make sure the space works perfectly for them.”


Being able to create a hobby room was one of the major benefits of moving to Folders Grove for Suzan Gold.

The former interior designer, 69, and her husband Allan, 76, oved into a five-bedroom detached house and turned one of the bedrooms into an art studio.


Since retiring, Suzan has continued to pursue her passion for art and creates professional drawings of dogs and people.

Unlike in her previous home, where she used to create her artwork in the kitchen, Suzan now has her own dedicated space in which to practice her hobby.

She said: “The rooms are very bright so are ideal for me to set up my studio in.”


The four-bedroom Lindfield II house type at Folders Grove is priced at £875,000.


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