Empowering agency leaders: The Agencywise Platform is unveiled


In the world of digital marketing, agency leaders face a range of challenges, from client acquisition to staying abreast of the latest AI trends. Navigating this landscape requires support and often an expert in the know to answers certain questions. Traditional avenues for agency leaders to find this help often fall short. Leaders can spend valuable time trying to find genuinely knowledgeable experts online and can still be left hungry for practical solutions after endless webinars. Enter Agencywise, a new platform set to launch on April 17th, promising to bridge this gap.

The creation of ex-agency owner and industry veteran, Laura West, Agencywise is a simple yet powerful concept: on-demand, short-form videos tailored to provide much needed, concise, actionable insights to agency leaders. Unlike traditional webinars that often demand a significant time investment and leave participants with more questions than answers, Agencywise offers a curated library of bite-sized videos, each addressing a specific challenge or opportunity faced by agency leaders from agencies big and small. From mastering new business development strategies to navigating the complexities of client relationships, the videos deliver practical solutions in a format that fits into the busy schedules of agency leaders.

For Laura the platform represents more than just a business venture; it’s a passion project rooted in a deep-seated desire to empower agency leaders with the knowledge and resources they need to thrive. “Agencywise was born out of a genuine desire to equip agency leaders with practical solutions when they need them,” says West. “Our aim is to become the go-to hub for agency leaders seeking answers, expert guidance, and a supportive community.”

While the concept of on-demand videos is not new, Agencywise seeks to differentiate itself in a number of ways. Firstly ,the content promises to be short-form, with all videos being 3 – 20 mins in length, and tailored to give actionable solutions real world challenges agency leaders face. Secondly, Laura is keen to place a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusivity. As one of the few female founders of an agency community, she brings a unique perspective to the platform, championing the voices and experiences of women in the industry. This commitment is reflected in Agencywise’s roster of expert contributors, with 45% of expert masterclass providers being female. Agencywise aims to create a richer, more inclusive learning environment for all users.

In addition to its curated library of masterclasses and resources, Agencywise offers a range of unique features designed to foster collaboration and community among agency leaders. From a private LinkedIn group, where members can engage in meaningful discussions to free online Agency Start-Up Surgery sessions for those embarking on their entrepreneurial journey, Agencywise provides a supportive environment where agency leaders can connect, learn, and grow together.

As Agencywise prepares to make its mark on the digital marketing agency landscape, Laura has been actively inviting agency leaders to join its growing community on LinkedIn – which can be found here – https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12968194/ as well as sign up to the waiting list, which promises the first 50 on the list 1/3 subscription fees for life. The waiting list can be found here – https://mailchi.mp/agency-wise/waiting-list-for-agencies.

With its unique blend of on-demand content and resources, delivered by proven agency experts, its broad range of female agency expertise, and commitment to diversity, Agencywise is poised to make some waves in future of agency leadership.

So, mark your calendars for April 17th, 2024 and head to www.agency-wise.co.uk

For more information you are invited to contact Laura directly at laura@agency-wise.co.uk






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