Out Now – UNISTELLAR Odyssey Pro Red Edition Stand Out, Look Up

17th April 2024, Marseille, France– UNISTELLAR, pioneer in developing the world’s most powerful and user-friendly smart telescopes, has once again redefined the stargazing experience with the launch of its much-anticipated UNISTELLAR ODYSSEY PRO Red Edition. It not only assures revolutionary functionality but elevates stargazing aesthetics to new heights with its striking Pantone 485 C red colour.

The UNISTELLAR ODYSSEY Pro Red Edition combines cutting-edge technology with sleek design to offer the most detailed views of the universe. Red is the most surprising colour in outer space, and whether you are a seasoned astronomer or an enthusiastic novice, it allows you to witness the universe in all its red-hued splendour – from the great red spot of Jupiter and the red band of the Cigar Galaxy to the crimson beauty of the Omega Nebula,

Compact and lightweight, this smart telescope transforms any location into an observatory. Its unique, modern design makes it the ideal companion for opening the doors to the cosmos wherever you are, even from a terrace in the heart of the city.

With product design by Philippe Arnaud, Designer and President at PAD, and the proposal of the stunning shade of red by Rodrigo Aguadé, Creative Director at Charlie Number Five, ODYSSEY PRO Red Edition boasts a suite of innovations:

  • Deep Dark technology eliminates light pollution from images, ensuring unparalleled clarity in observation, even in crowded city settings.
  • Nikon High Precision Optics ensure seamless and effortless astronomical observations without the need for manual adjustments.
  • Multi-Depth Technology enables seamless transition between observing nearby planets like Jupiter and distant marvels like the Whirlpool Galaxy, situated millions of light-years away.
  • Stellar Autofocus technology guarantees an extraordinarily sharp and detailed image, allowing you to take full advantage of the deep red hues of the Helix Nebula, 700 light-years away.
  • New Direct Data Download feature provides immediate access to RAW files, to unleash the creativity of every user by exploring the world of image post-editing.

The UNISTELLAR mobile app automatically guides you in real time to the best objects to observe in the cosmos, such as the Sculptor’s Galaxy, dotted with red thanks to its intense star formation activity.


 “The incorporation of the bold red colour serves as a pivotal element, symbolising both passion and heritage within the field,” says Rodrigo Aguadé. “Red holds particular significance for astronomers, as it is often used to preserve night vision during observations of stars. Its inclusion in the design not only pays homage to this practical aspect but also evokes a sense of reverence for the cosmos.


“The balance between black and red matte finishes conveys a functional elegance that blends naturally into the observer’s environment,” says Philippe Arnaud. “In every line and curve, there is a clear intention: to invite exploration without distraction.”


Available in limited stock from April 17th, UNISTELLAR ODYSSEY PRO Red Edition retails at $4,499 / £3,999. For more information or to order yours today, visit www.unistellar.com.