Dartford’s Europa and DPD Netherlands drive towards a greener future


Europa Road, headquartered on Shield Road in Dartford, has announced an important new contract with DPD Netherlands, which will see the introduction of HVO-100 fuel (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) replacing diesel on new routes for the operator.

In support of its drive to increase the sustainability of its operations, Europa Road is operating new, daily linehauls from the Netherlands to the UK for DPD Netherlands, which will run exclusively on HVO-100 fuel.

This strategic transition comes at a time when EU countries and the UK are announcing new targets for the road freight industry as a part of ETS2 (Emissions Trading System), which calls for operators to bring emissions down by 42 per cent by 2030, compared to 2005 levels.

Strategically located close to the Dartford Crossing, Europa Road’s 26,368 sq.m transit hub which was built in 2015 has seen a 15 per cent increase year on year in the volume of European road freight, and a record 40,000 consignments per month pass through the terminal.

DPD Netherlands recently welcomed the plans of its parent company, GeoPost / DPD Groups, for a net zero commitment by 2040, which is 10 years ahead of the climate agreement requirements. This commitment highlights the company’s goal for a greener, more sustainable operation. The Dutch operation is on track to meet these targets with DPD previously announcing it would deliver emission-free in the 45 largest cities in the Netherlands by 2025.

As the UK’s dedicated European road freight division for fast-growing logistics operator Europa Worldwide Group, Europa Road is making progress developing and implementing its own environmental agenda, despite the massive challenges for the logistics industry.

Stuart McKie, Regional Manager for Europa Road, explains how the company plans to adopt the use of HVO-100 on DPD movements: “Phase one of the implementation is for the e-commerce linehauls flowing from Netherlands (Eindhoven) to the UK (Hinckley). This consists of two trailers per day, five days a week.

“We have committed to replacing 30,000 KMs worth of diesel fuel with HVO-100, a major condition of this important new contract with DPD Netherlands.”

According to Nationwide Fuels, HVO-100 fuel reduces carbon dioxide emissions by up to 90 per cent, particulate matter emissions by up to 84 per cent and nitrous oxide emissions by up to 27 per cent. This diesel alternative is a biodegradable, nontoxic fuel solution made from 100 per cent raw material, providing a direct replacement for on road and off-road diesel.

Maurice Loef, Linehaul Director, DPD Netherlands, comments “I have been in this business for over 15 years, and what I am most excited about right now is our journey to transition away from fossil fuels.

“Currently, our Netherlands to UK operation completes more than 176,000KMs per year. I predict that by the end of Q2 2024, 50 per cent of all linehauls out of DPD Netherlands will be running on HVO fuel. I am happy that Europa Road will be operating two full loads a day from the Netherlands to the UK, which represents 1,300 KM a day, 350,00KM per year on HVO fuel.”

Europa’s new contract marks the next step in its sustainable journey as the operator works with various environmental experts to ensure the actions taken create a long-lasting and impactful benefit. In 2023, Europa announced its partnership with Microlise, the cutting-edge telematics and fleet management solution and with Pledge – the leading greenhouse gas reporting and offsetting platform for logistics.  With more exciting news to follow later in the year, today’s announcement forms the basis of a strong and collaborative force for good between two giants in the European road freight industry.

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