Black, Beautiful and in Need of a Home: RSPCA in Kent appeals to find homes for overlooked black cats

It takes the charity THREE TIMES longer to rehome black cats

The RSPCA in Kent is appealing to find homes for six black, and black and white, cats who they believe have sadly been overlooked due to their coat colour.

Giuseppe, Ernie, Thomas, Barrie, Scotch and Pip Pip are in the care of the RSPCA Canterbury and District Branch and have been looking for a home for a combined 233 days.

They are all friendly and full of character so the centre in Kent believes the only reason they have been overlooked is sadly due to their coat colour.

Many myths exist around black cats – including whether they are lucky, or unlucky; and a claim they are harder to photograph for social media – but RSPCA Canterbury and District is now hoping to dispel these beliefs.

Natalie Archer, from the branch, said: “In truth, black cats won’t bring you bad luck – but they do need forever homes. The colour of an animal’s fur makes no difference to how much love they have to give. If you can bring some magic into their lives they are sure to bring some love into yours – so they even make your lucky day!”

On average, it takes black cats 29 days to find a home, in comparison to grey tabby cats which are rehomed in just nine days  meaning it takes black cats over THREE TIMES longer to find homes than some more “popular” felines.

Natalie added: “Sharing our lives and homes with these cats can be so rewarding and fulfilling. There is nothing scary or unlucky about the love these cats can bring.

“We know some people think they don’t look ‘Instagrammable’ but we’d urge people to see past how an animal looks and choose their companion based on their unique personality – and besides, we disagree and believe all these cats look purr-fectly photogenic!”


Giuseppe is a two-year-old male black cat who came into the care of the Canterbury branch after he was found straying and unwanted. He is a friendly and fun cat who is just looking for a family to call his own. He could live with other cats or dogs, provided there are careful introductions. However, he can live with families who have children of primary school age or older and would like access to the outside to be able to explore.

Giuseppe is a young cat who is full of energy and fun and will make a perfect family pet.


Ernie is a one-year-old black and white cat who is absolutely full of beans. He is looking for a new home with lots of time for play and enrichment to burn off some steam and have lots of fun. He will love time in the garden and then a cosy new home to chill out in once playtime is over. He could live with families who have children of secondary school age or older and would prefer not to live with a dog or another cat – so he can get all the fun and attention!


Thomas is a seven-year-old white and black cat who came into the charity’s care through no fault of his own. He can be a little shy in the cattery but actually has a vibrant personality once he feels comfy in a home environment. He likes the peace and quiet and is best suited to a home without other cats or dogs, and without the hustle and bustle of young children. He has a gentle presence and is content pottering around a garden or curling up indoors. Thomas is a big boy and although he will play and burn off those calories, his favourite thing is snoozing.


Barrie is a four-year-old black cat, affectionately known as ‘Big Boy Barrie’. He has been waiting for a home for a whopping 80 days. Despite this, he is a delightful feline with a personality as big as his heart. He was rescued as a stray but he’s ready to make up for lost time with his newfound family.

Barrie has thrived in foster care and has shown he is very playful and rather quirky. He loves toys, boxes, and would like a garden to explore and play in before returning to the sofa to curl up with his humans. He’d prefer an adult-only home and would like not to live with another cat, or a dog.


Scotch is a one-year-old black and white cat with soulful eyes and a gentle personality. He appears a little shy in the cattery but once he is settled, his true personality shines through. He is incredibly friendly and loves companionship and affection. He was rescued from a multi-cat household with too many young felines who couldn’t get the care and attention they needed. Now, he would like a quiet and relaxed home where he can flourish. He would prefer to be the only cat in the home and wouldn’t like to live with a dog. Scotch could live with families with children of secondary school age or older and would like access to the outdoors to explore where he can bask in the sun.

Pip Pip

Pip Pip is a three-year-old male black and white cat who came into RSPCA’s care after he was found straying with an injury. No one came forward to claim Pip Pip so he is now looking for a new home and a new life. He is an affectionate and playful cat who loves to find a comfy lap to perch on. He will make a great companion and would also like access to a garden to be able to go outside and explore. He’d prefer to be the only-cat in the home but he could live with a cat-friendly dog and he can be rehomed to families who have children of secondary school age or older.

If you think you can give any of these cats a home, please contact the RSPCA Canterbury and District Branch on or call 01227 719113 for more information