Affordable media training offer for ambitious startup founders and leaders 

UK startup leaders are being encouraged to take advantage of a new series of cost-effective training courses which will help them to become successful presenters and media performers.

While many early stage businesses have little spare cash for public speaking and media training, particularly in the current economic climate, speaking to audiences and reporters is often one of the best and most cost-efficient ways to promote new services and products.


‘Media Training for Startups’ has been launched by a former BBC TV and radio correspondent with the aim of helping startup founders and leaders to present their businesses better and to perform well when engaging with the media.

Ex-BBC political correspondent, Tim Reid, said: “Working with a range of startups across the tech and environment sectors, we realise that budgets are often extremely tight and that media training can be pushed further down the long list of priorities.

“As a former journalist, I firmly believe that achieving good media traction and knowing how to engage audiences can make a mountain of difference between a successful startup and a struggling one.

“Performing well in front of the camera or microphone is not the same as pitching to investors. Good training will teach you the techniques and tricks to perform well and promote your business to best effect.”


London-based Tim Reid Media offers public relations and comms support, media and presentation training to a broad range of global businesses and charities.


Vicky Wilson, co-founder of award-winning tech bereavement notification service, Settld, said: “Before launching Settld, I hated public speaking.

“Fast forward 18 months, and I remember the sensation of waiting backstage, mic fitted, ready to present to an audience of 20,000 people. I was nervous, of course, but I’d received the perfect training, thanks to Tim Reid Media.”

Earlier this year, Settld was ranked in the top 25 of the 100 best startups in Britain in the prestigious Startups 100 index and was a previous Tech Nation Rising Star winner.


Two online Media Training for Startups courses are available during May, and further sessions are taking place throughout 2024.

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