AJ Products marks 25 years in the UK with ambitious campaign to change work habits


AJ Products, a leading Swedish workspace furniture brand, renowned for its commitment to employee wellbeing and sustainability, proudly announces its UK operation’s 25th anniversary. Established in Sweden in 1975, AJ Products expanded its operations to the UK in 1999, recognising the country’s strategic importance as the third largest population in Europe and the UK’s rich history of embracing Scandinavian heritage and design.

The UK is a pivotal market for AJ Products, serving as a cornerstone for collaboration and growth between the two countries. From its inception, AJ Products has prioritised employee wellbeing, believing that a workplace designed with employees at its core fosters productivity and happiness. This ethos has been central to its success over the past two and a half decades.

To mark this milestone anniversary and core commitments, AJ Products has launched its most ambitious campaign to date: Happiness at Work. This initiative encapsulates AJ Product’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of its business, from workspace design to customer service. Happiness at Work represents a customer-focused approach aimed at reducing friction points and enhancing life at work.

Happiness at Work will impact everyone in the workspace; ergonomic furniture that promotes movement and comfort, practical equipment enhancing efficiency without compromising wellbeing, and innovative flexible workspaces fostering collaboration in a digital age. In addition, AJ Products is committed to sustainability, aligning with the UK’s target of net zero by 2050. Initiatives such as solar panel installations, wood chip recycling, and spare parts promoting AJ Products’ dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting the circular economy.

Helen Beebe Managing Director of AJ Products (UK) emphasises ‘at AJ Products we are passionate about honouring our Scandinavian heritage while putting our own British slant on what we do to suit UK workspaces. Despite so much choice on the UK office and workplace furniture market, Scandinavian design continues to be a successful model for the British buyer’.

In a fast-moving world and an ever-changing marketplace, AJ Products remains steadfast in its commitment to adaptability and innovation. With its distinct Scandinavian simplicity, AJ Products is prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the next 25 years.

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