Homesitting: getting paid to enjoy the perfect summer staycation

Purr-fect : Homesitter Anthea Hewitt,78years, looking after cats Loki (brown) and Iris in Condicote in the Cotswolds on Wednesday 31st January. (PIC PAUL NICHOLLS)

As summer approaches, Homesitters Ltd, the UK’s leading home and pet sitting company, highlights why homesitting is the perfect staycation solution.

With the opportunity to explore new places, enjoy animal companionship, and experience the comforts of home, homesitting can offer a paid staycation experience with a difference.

According to new research from Mintel, the climate emergency is making staycations more appealing. It reports that 56% of UK (United Kingdom) holidaymakers are likely to choose staycations over holidays abroad for climate-related reasons.


Warmer UK means more people want staycations

Around three in ten (28%) UK holidaymakers say warmer UK temperatures are encouraging them to take domestic holidays. A fifth (19%) say extreme weather events abroad such as heatwaves or flooding are encouraging them to holiday at home.

Overall, four in ten (39%) holidaymakers say that unpredictable UK weather (e.g., flooding, heatwaves) means they are more likely to book a UK break at the last minute. There also remains a ‘positive COVID’ legacy for the home market, as nearly half (47%) of domestic holidaymakers have taken more staycations than trips abroad since COVID-19. This comes as more than half (55%) of Brits intend to holiday in the UK this year, up from 52% last year, with almost a third (32%) having discovered a new UK destination due to COVID-19 travel disruptions.


Homesitting Benefits: Insights from Recent Survey

 Ben Irvine, Director of Operations at Homesitters Ltd, explains, “Homesitting is the perfect staycation for those looking to explore the UK and stay in beautiful properties while enjoying the companionship of pets. It is a fantastic way to travel, save money, and have new experiences without the usual holiday costs. In our recent survey, homesitters told us they experience many benefits from home and pet sitting including saving money on their bills and supplementing their pensions and having a renewed sense of purpose.”

Here is what the homesitters said:

  • 77% said they enjoy escaping the hustle and bustle of normal life.
  • 75% love to explore new areas and travel.
  • 70% of homesitters said they homesit to stay busy and have a sense of purpose in retirement.
  • 66% claimed they save on utility bills due to being away from home for extended periods.
  • 62% enjoy the role as they love pets.
  • 32% enjoy staying in lovely homes.
  • 20% view homesitting as a wonderful way to top up their pension pots.


Anthea Hewitt’s Purr-fect Homesitting Adventures

One homesitting fan is 78 years old, Anthea Hewitt from Stratford-Upon-Avon who since becoming a homesitter when she retired and has completed an impressive 115 homesits and cared for a range of animals, including 105 cats.

Anthea joined Homesitters Ltd in 2013 with her late husband Geoff, driven by their shared love for animals. Together, they explored the Midlands, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, London, and the Cotswolds, enjoying an interesting and varied lifestyle. After Geoff’s death in 2016, homesitting gave Anthea’s life a renewed sense of purpose. Undeterred by the challenges of solo homesits, she continued, and in 2021, found a new partner in Peter, who also shares her love of animals. Peter, now an accepted homesitter, accompanies Anthea on her assignments.

“Homesitting offers the perfect blend of animal companionship and the chance to escape the monotony of daily life after retirement,” says Anthea. “Being on assignment is like going on a mini holiday. After I have done my duties with the pets and in the home, I can just relax indoors or enjoy the garden, free from the usual household chores.”


Ben adds, “Our homesitters make our business a success. We are currently recruiting new homesitters to join us. We provide them with full support and insurance when they are on assignments. This level of support is also reassuring for clients, knowing we offer fully vetted and dependable homesitters.”


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