8 out of 10 UK parents have thrown board games away because of missing pieces

Big Potato Games pledge to replace missing pieces for free

A survey, conducted this month by Big Potato Games, showed that 82.5% of UK parents have thrown away a board game, because a piece was missing. In addition, 10% admitted they would just leave the game to gather dust on the shelf.

Big Potato Games, who make original, fun, family favourites such as Colourbrain, Herd Mentality and P for Pizza, will replace lost pieces from their games, free of charge. Not only does this extend the life of the game, to be played and enjoyed, but also prevents board games from ending up in landfills. So not only is this better for the planet, but also more cost effective for parents!

In an earlier survey (March 2021), 82% of UK parents stated that board games were an ideal way to spend time with loved ones, and 77% admitted they were a staple for family get-togethers. Over half of parents thought board games were a great way to reduce screen-time.

Dean Tempest, Founder of Big Potato Games explains: “We want to make sure that families can continue to enjoy our games, even if there’s a small mishap (especially at Christmas!). Whether it’s losing a dice or accidentally spilling a drink on some cards, we’ll replace any missing or damaged pieces for free. It’s better for our customer’s pockets and the planet.”

Big Potato Games also strive to reduce the amount of packaging on their boxes, and plant a tree for every one of their games sold online.

For more details on how to replace missing pieces, or to shop the range of games, please visit www.bigpotato.co.uk. Big Potato Games are also available to buy in national and independent retailers nationwide.