Omnipresent Announces The Omnis Shortlist

Nearly two months after The Omnis were first introduced, Omnipresent announces the shortlist of Omni entries from companies and individuals recognised as a hero in the employee lifecycle of global remote work.

Employees and employers were invited to submit their entries starting September 2, 2021, and by the submission deadline, October 14, 2021, dozens of companies from around the world shared how they have adapted to the new norm of global remote work with their teams. The superhero teams hailed from countries such as India, Ireland, France, UK, Germany, US and Canada.

Finding Solutions to Professional Challenges

One of the main challenges that companies were faced with during the COVID pandemic was ensuring their teams and their work were cohesive and consistent with the company culture.

Entries shared how their efforts in one of the six stages of an employee lifecycle helped their companies attract the best talent, improve work-life balance, grow their business, engage their teams, and open new lines of communication.

One submission stated their company was able to open up “discussions and support around mental health, removing the taboo and implementing a whole range of activities and support services” for their teams. There is no question mental health for employees has taken centre stage during the pandemic and companies are making it a priority for their remote teams to reap the benefits of sustained employee engagement.

Entries reflected this need for companies to focus on work-life balance for their remote teams with one entry stating efforts “led to a deeper sense of peace and a much better life-work balance than many of us have ever experienced in a work setting before.”

List of Shortlisted Companies in The Omnis Categories 

Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition

  • Boldly
  • Redeemeum UK
  • SEDNA Systems

Outstanding Learning & Development

  • Nexthink
  • Tyk Technologies

Outstanding Culture & Communications

  • Griffin Financial Technology
  • tl;dv
  • Willow Innovations

Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working 

  • BrainSightAI
  • SaleCycle
  • Zeta Project Germany (Wire)

Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits 

  • Armorblox
  • uMed
  • Maze

Outstanding Reward & Recognition

  • Distributed
  • Guusto

Companies from the UK are SaleCycle, Griffin Financial Technology, Tyk Technologies, Redeemeum UK, and from Ireland, Distributed.

The Omnis Awards Event Series

The Omni Awards event series celebrates the global heroes of remote work with six interactive virtual events, from November 4 to December 1, 2021. The heroes, listed above, have adapted and grown their companies with the new normal of global remote work in mind.

“Companies looking to attract and retain a global talent pool can learn from the remote work environment Omni winners are providing,” said Matt Wilson, Omnipresent Co-founder. “We are thrilled to celebrate these heroes of global remote work who are showcasing how they have evolved, learned and adapted to the current realities, and future, of work. The Omnis recognise their collective efforts and set a new standard for what it means for leadership in remote employment.”

The award event series will not only recognise the winners of The Omnis in each category, but will also host a series of live presentations from industry experts to learn from exemplary leadership in a distributed workforce. Events are free to all working professionals, business owners, and leaders. Guest speakers include Chase Warrington, Head of Remote at Doist, Tushar Agarwal, Co-founder of Hubble; Pilar Orti, Director, Virtual Not Distant; Chris Dyer, Founder and CEO, PeopleG2; and Matt Buckland, Co-founder of DBR. A full list can be found at

The full Omnis awards programme features interactive online events that spotlight remote work success stories, and include discussion rooms and on-demand learning opportunities for global audiences. Each event over six weeks celebrates one of the six different categories that reflect the stages of an employee lifecycle:

  • Outstanding Recruitment & Talent Acquisition (November 4)
  • Outstanding Learning & Development (November 11)
  • Outstanding Culture & Communications (November 18)
  • Outstanding Asynchronous & Hybrid Working (December 2)
  • Outstanding Wellbeing & Benefits (December 9)
  • Outstanding Reward & Recognition (December 16).

Designed for a virtual, global audience, The Omnis have something for everyone to explore the future of global remote work.

Selecting Short-Listed Heroes

The short-listed heroes were evaluated by judges in the industry who were asked to evaluate each entry’s effectiveness using an equally weighted scoring system. The sections were:

  • Challenge, Context & Objectives
  • Strategy & Implementation
  • Bringing the Idea to Life
  • Results & Evaluation

The lens through which each case was evaluated by the judges was Effectiveness. The Omnis judges were looking for results with context against challenging goals. For example, organisations that were using global remote work as a recruitment strategy saw their companies grow their headcount, even quadrupling it since early 2020, or becoming a Great Place to Work-Certified™; while others are leading in diversity and inclusion hires.

For more information about The Omnis or to register for any of the six events, visit