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Leadership development experts The Conscious Leadership Company launch psychometric to help tackle burnout and support wellbeing  

Business leaders are on the verge of burnout due to the ongoing effects of the pandemic, and need access to new types of support if they are to maintain both their individual performance levels and those of their teams. That’s according to leadership development experts The Conscious Leadership Company, which is launching a new psychometric assessment to help measure burnout, wellbeing and performance in senior executives and managers.

Eighty two percent of leaders say they are exhausted from the ongoing effects of the pandemic.1 With businesses worldwide struggling to retain staff at all levels, leaders need access to knowledge and support in order to maintain performance levels, their own wellbeing and help their teams. This is particularly important when Gallup estimates that managers account for at least 70% of variance in employee engagement scores across business units.

Natasha Wallace, founder and CEO at The Conscious Leadership Company, said “Leaders are under immense pressure. They must deliver results for their organisations, motivate and support their teams and maintain their own performance and wellbeing levels, all while trying to navigate a post-pandemic world. Unsurprisingly many are feeling overwhelmed, and unable to balance their various demands. This can affect performance levels and, ultimately, talent exiting the business. This is why a new, more conscious approach to leadership is needed, one based on measuring wellbeing to identify issues that could affect performance and engagement.”

To help support leaders, the company has launched The Conscious Leader Psychometric Assessment. Users will be able to pinpoint which areas of wellbeing and performance they need to focus on, to develop leadership capability and team performance.

Validated by senior academics from the University College London (UCL), The Conscious Leader Psychometric provides:

  • 46% more information about a person’s potential job satisfaction,
  • 43% more information about work engagement,
  • 37% more information about potential performance,
  • 30% more information about wellbeing, and

19% more information about burnout than other personality measures available on the market today.

Full details on the psychometric can be found in the whitepaper Measuring Burnout, Wellbeing and Performance. which proposes that organisations become more conscious in order to sustain performance.

Wallace concluded “When organisations are led in a conscious way, thriving cultures are created and performance can flow. With such a great focus on culture change over the next couple of years, organisations that place consciousness at the heart of leadership, and change, will yield positive results.”