WSO2 Renews Long-Term Contract with Securitas Direct – Leading European Security Provider in Spain

WSO2’s API Manager enables Securitas Direct to expand its digital offering and better connect with its partner ecosystem

London – 9th March 2022, – WSO2, the leader in digital transformation technology, today announced that a long-term contract with a key customer, Securitas Direct in Spain, a subsidiary of Verisure Group, the leading European provider of professionally monitored security systems, has been renewed and expanded. Securitas Direct SA has been able to adopt an API-first strategy thanks to WSO2 API Manager, which has been architected and deployed in two locations within the organisation to ensure optimum availability. The platform now serves as the foundation for Securitas Direct to further expand its digital offerings by better connecting with its partner ecosystem. Additionally, utilising WSO2 solutions, Securitas Direct has built a simple, scalable architecture. The platform uses a microservices-driven approach, allowing developers to reuse individual components to quickly build new applications and troubleshoot issues.

Securitas Direct SA was founded in 1992 as part of the Verisure group of companies in Sweden. With 24/7 response services, Verisure accounts for over 4 million customers in 16 countries in Europe and Latin America. Today, Verisure boasts some of the strongest growth and retention rates globally in consumer-facing services, demonstrating its exceptional service levels and strong value proposition to its customers.

Initially, Securitas Direct SA required to transition from a traditional service-oriented architecture model to an API-based self-service model. The main goals were to improve autonomy in terms of integration needs and improve integration governance and security while dealing with high traffic on IoT APIs, customer apps, and business systems.

Luis Vásconez, head of platform services and solutions at Securitas Direct states, “WSO2 API Manager has been a critical component in our transition to an API-first approach as it provides improved governance, security and autonomy to our development teams with ongoing integration requirements. The solution has been deployed in multiple regions to avoid any downtime that could jeopardise our customers’ experience and the services we provide. WSO2 support has allowed us to provide a secure, seamless experience to our customers which is a key priority for us and one of the reasons we have now renewed and expanded our contract.”

Since implementing WSO2 API Manager, Securitas Direct has seen numerous advantages. This includes increased service availability, improved development efficiency through improved dependency mapping and handling. Teams that integrate beyond team domain services are more autonomous, allowing for team growth and velocity of 10% in the last year and an estimated 10-15% growth in the coming years, all this while maintaining governance for the APIs’ entire lifecycle.

Ricardo Diniz, VP & GM UKI and Southern Europe added, “Securitas Direct is a long-time user of our products and services. The organisation appreciates the simplicity of the solution as well as the considerable support we provide, particularly in important architectural and decision-making areas. WSO2 is well-known as one of the leading solutions in the market, enabling easy and secure API exposure to both internal and external consumers, as well as design and runtime governance for the APIs’ entire lifecycle. We also provide flexible deployment models that adapt to the customer’s infrastructure, while maintaining seamless service discovery for developers, which is one of the reasons that Securitas Direct continues to work with us.”