New business Life Centric launches the very first safety pack in one beneficial package, providing a host of items that help to stay safe and secure and in control of your personal safety at all times.

In a recent YouGov survey a third of women questioned had been followed at some point. A ONS report shows that there were 80,000 recorded stalking offences in 2020 which is a ‘significant’ increase’ on the previous year of 27,156.

Life Centric’s aim is to a create a safer environment for everyone to empower greater individual freedom to help, in the first instance women, stay safe and secure.

Life Centric founder, Ajay Ahluwalia said ‘it’s not about being a vigilante but about being vigilant,’ giving piece of mind to those that feel vulnerable and affording control of personal safety at all times.  Ajay goes on to say ‘we hope that through education we can work to resolve the culture of gender violence but until such a time Life Centric will strive to empower women to have control of a greater individual freedom’.

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The Personal Safety Pack is now available to purchase on line and contains a selection of products aimed to put control of safety into the hands of its user. It is the first in a range of themed safety packs each aimed at different sectors of our communities and will be launched throughout the year.  Items include* several types of personal safety alarms each with a different benefit, CYD spike drink test strips, scrunchie drink cover and a portable door lock as well as other products aimed at personal safety.

Life Centric also plans to work with individuals and local communities to address personal safety through better education for everyone and a better understanding of our environments, both on and off-line.

Personal Safety Packs are available to purchase at retailing at £60+vat, items can also be purchased separately.

*These products do not guarantee safety but will provide the comfort that you are doing what you can to protect yourself and be in control of your own safety.

Please note due to legal requirements personal alarms can only be sold to those aged 18 or over.  Currently, initial sales are restricted to only cover England and Wales.


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