Wellbees announces its 2022 LOOP Summit, the corporate wellbeing conference online and onsite 28th April at Tanner Warehouse, London


Wellbees, the employee wellbeing web platform/mobile app, announces the inaugural UK LOOP Summit, the corporate conference focused on the wellbeing experience which will take place in London, both virtually and in person on April 28th at Tanner Warehouse. With 41% of employees aged between 30-45 surveyed in Wellbees’ 2022 HR Wellbeing Trends and HR Report, considering changing their jobs due to increased feelings of burnout, the emphasis on wellbeing is more important than ever.

With key topics including diversity and inclusion, social wellbeing and change management being discussed, LOOP Summit invites HR professionals to hear talks from some key professionals in the industry focused on business-critical, uncertainty-triggering issues.  Speakers include:

  • Julia Hobsbawn – Founder, Social Capital Network
  • Owen O’Kane – Psychotherapist, Best-Selling Author and Former NHS Clinical Lead
  • Riina Hellstrom – Founder, Agile HR Community
  • Sara Roberts – CEO, Healthy Nibbles

Each topic session is then followed by round tables discussions both in the room and virtually via breakout rooms where participants will debate the topics in the session and share best practice and real life examples. Moderators joining each session, are coming from businesses such as Unilever and Gousto as well as business coaches and psychologists and will be assigned to each round table / break out room to guide the discussion, encourage involvement and sharing.  Attendees can also seek a moment of calm with mediation and yoga sessions throughout the day from Emily Harding, Founder, The Yeh Yoga Co.

“70% of employers say wellbeing is top of their agenda, yet 85% of people in our organisations say they are not OK. There is a gap we need to close and that starts with making wellbeing a fundamental building block of the entire organisation and not just a side benefit. LOOP, in its fourth year, looks at pressing issues of HR through the lens of wellbeing. We will address DEI as part of the wellbeing discussion as well as how to create engagement among employees in an ongoing hybrid world. Finally, we will discuss how to adopt an agile mindset in a world where we wake up every day to new surprises. Perhaps the most exciting part of this year will be the HIVEMIND approach, the opportunity to react to the keynotes by breaking into round table discussions to talk through ideas and case studies with likeminded HR professionals.” says Melis Abacıoğlu founder of Wellbees.

Wellbees points to the fact that recruitment and retention are key challenges for 2022 and employee wellbeing programmes have provided a competitive advantage to organisations to attract new talent. 70% of employees participating in Wellbees’ survey* reported that one of the offerings they would look for in an organisation was an employee wellbeing programme in place. The employee net promoter score showed that 89.5% of employees who scored their company 9 or 10 (out of 10), regarded corporate wellbeing programmes as ‘valuable’ or ‘highly valuable’.

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