Global E-commerce Experts team member takes 3,286-mile trip to her hometown in Romania to help child refugees

A TEAM member from a Southampton-based firm is making a trip to her hometown to deliver vital items to Ukrainian child refugees.

Claudia Groze, from Stubbington, was born in Prahova, Romania and moved to the UK to complete a degree in architecture.

The 38-year-old warehouse manager at Global Ecommerce Experts in Southampton is doing her bit to help people who have fled to her hometown from the war in Ukraine.

She is making a 3,286-mile round trip with a lorry-full of goods, donated by friends, family, colleagues and strangers, to donate to refugees in the county, which is in the South East of Romania.

She has been communicating with people in the county and will bring items such as food, medication, still water, cleaning products, clothing and more to help the more than 400 orphans and estranged children brought from Odessa.

Claudia said: ‘I was always concerned with the wellbeing of others, always trying to help anyone in need, and I think that if I manage to make a difference for one life, everything is worth it.

‘It made sense for me to go back to my hometown to help out there as it is so upsetting to see people who have fled their homes, especially children. It’s important that they get the help that they need, and it is down to people like me to do that, as I am fortunate enough to do so.’

Claudia has hired someone to take the lorry across to Romania, while she will fly across and oversee the distribution, ensuring that all of the items get to the people that need it most.

She is still seeking more donations so her help can go even further, appealing for items such as food, nappies, medication, hygiene equipment, childrens’ toys, games and anything else that children can use.

People can send donations directly to Claudia by reaching her on 07402452452.