New book launch will show business leaders how to avoid creating a toxic workplace


A former business leader has written a book to show people how not to manage people.

Alexander Andrews’ new book Unlike a Boss uses his own experiences, particularly the negative ones, to provide current and aspiring business leaders, managers and even employees tips on how people should – and shouldn’t – be led.

Alexander, who lived in Guildford while growing up and now lives in Adelaide, South Australia, spent the majority of his career in financial services and found that the corporate world had particularly toxic behaviours embedded in it.

After leaving a senior executive corporate role he went into leadership consulting to help people in senior roles lead people in ways that had more of a positive effect on both the employees and the company.

Alexander said: ‘I travelled a lot for work, but despite working for different companies, I would always see the same toxic behaviours. I was sick of seeing it because it affected so many people so badly.

‘I was severely bullied at school and from that point out I knew that going into adult life, I wanted to make a change somewhere as soon as I was in a position to do so, to eradicate bullying in all places. I think that’s the driving force behind what I do, because I don’t want people to feel how I felt.’

Wanting to share his expertise with more people and being restricted on how many people he could physically work one-on-one with, he decided to put all of the experiences, anecdotes and practical advice that he offers his clients into a book.

He is also going a step further to support people who may have been in toxic work environments, by donating some of the profits to charity.

Throughout August and September, 20 per cent of the royalties Alexander receives from book sales are being donated to mental health charities in the countries of purchase.

Alexander said: ‘Workplace bullying can have a huge impact on someone’s mental health and can really take its toll on them. A study released by the University of South Australia in June last year revealed that those who work in toxic workplaces are 300 per cent more likely to go on to develop depression, which is why I’ve decided to do my bit to help out and not only help nip bad leadership and toxic workplaces in the bud, but also help people who have already experienced it.’

Since its launch, Unlike a Boss has received excellent reviews and been featured on university reading lists in the US, and adopted as the blue print for their people leadership approach by a variety of companies ranging from law firms, a chain of hair dressing salons right through to a dental surgery across the world.

Leadership coaches in the UK have also signalled their intention to utilise the book as part of their coaching material for existing and aspiring business leaders.

You can purchase the book on Amazon or at 

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