KLM UK Engineering Limited onboards PaperCut MF for the long haul

PaperCut has announced that it has extended its relationship with KLM UK Engineering Limited, in line with the engineering company’s long-term strategy to reduce its print output by 60%. The additional licences procured by KLM UK Engineering Limited for PaperCut MF – which provides powerful print management for printers and MFDs – will also support its growing print estate located across its recently expanded site in Norwich, England, which accommodates 500 users, 500 endpoints and 54 virtual machines hosted on 12 physical hosts.

Operating for over 40 years, KLM UK Engineering provides maintenance for the Embraer 170/190, Boeing 737 All Series, Airbus A320 Family, BAe 146 & Avro RJ and the Fokker 70/100. Each aircraft check currently generates between 5,000 and 20,000 sheets of paper. To bring that down, PaperCut MF will work in conjunction with a new Maintenance, Repairs and Operations (MRO) process scheduled for 2025 which will help KLM UK Engineering Limited to reduce print output by 60%.

The implementation of PaperCut MF is already giving KLM UK Engineering a head start on achieving that goal thanks to its eco-friendly policies. In addition to reducing paper and print volumes, they also help save on toner, while making sustainable print habits the status quo. A further advantage to PaperCut MF users is that it supports PaperCut’s sustainability program, PaperCut Grows. This turns printing into tree planting for a Forest Positive impact on the environment, making PaperCut MF a responsible choice as well as an effective one.

PaperCut MF is also helping to drive efficiency and productivity on site. Its Find-Me printing function provides users with the convenience of printing to one queue and picking up their output at any printer with a simple ‘tap and release’ workflow. This is a highly desirable feature for KLM UK Engineering Limited; prior to deploying PaperCut MF, the walk to printers to claim printouts could, in worse-case scenarios, involve a 250 metre trek – in both directions – due to the way the engineers worked. Not only has PaperCut MF helped reduce the distances travelled, its support for mobile and BYOD printing gives users the flexibility to print from their device of choice, ranging from Chromebooks to Android, macOS, iOS, and Windows devices.


Commenting on PaperCut MF, Mark Walker, IT Manager at KLM UK Engineering, stated: “PaperCut MF will play a key role in our long term strategy to drive down print costs and volumes, while ensuring print is easy and secure for all of our team members. Furthermore, as the airline industry emerges from the pandemic, PaperCut has shown that it can scale easily to our new needs as driven by our site expansion and evolving IT estate.”


Steve Holmes, EMEA Regional Director and GM, PaperCut, added: “KLM UK Engineering Limited’s decision to increase its PaperCut MF licences reflects the benefits and value it has already realised from its investment. We’re excited that PaperCut MF is an intrinsic part of KLM UK Engineering Limited’s long term strategy to bring its print volumes right down in a secure and sustainable way.”

Image credit: Monty Makusen