Scrive and Fourth Tier Partnership Accelerates Car Rental Market


Hertfordshire-based Fourth Tier Ltd, a leading car rental provider, has partnered with electronic signature and identification solutions provider Scrive to provide an optimised digital experience for its global customer base. The partnership is set to enhance data accuracy and reduce paper-based processes.

Fourth Tier’s rental management system offers an intuitive user interface that helps to reduce wait times and improve data management. Its flagship product, Era, enables both large enterprises and smaller independent car rental service providers to make rental processes simpler and more efficient.

The integration of Scrive’s e-signing solution into Fourth Tier’s system will streamline the process of generating and completing rental agreements, significantly reducing the paper trail. Scrive’s legally binding documents produce a comprehensive evidence package with a detailed audit trail via blockchain technology and tamper-proof digital seal that can be verified independently from Scrive or other involved parties.

“We are very happy to partner with Fourth Tier. There are many benefits for the car rental industry to gain from our e-signing solutions: Eliminating data errors, keeping personal data secure and preventing fraud, while still getting customers behind the wheel quicker. This is a win-win situation that benefits everyone involved in the process”, says Viktor Wrede, CSO at Scrive.

“With this new partnership, the car rental industry is taking a step forward in becoming more digitalised and customer friendly. Scrive’s e-signing solutions enable us to make our processes even faster and easier to handle, not to mention greener due to cutting down on paperwork significantly. We are looking forward to working with Scrive”, says Paul Gallen, Managing Director at Fourth Tier.


About Scrive

Founded in 2010, Scrive quickly became a leader in digitalisation. Today, businesses around the world use Scrive to automate their document and contract processes with solutions powered by electronic signatures and identification. Scrive guides organisations of all sizes through onboarding and signing processes, helping them to improve their customer experience, security and data quality. More than 10,000 customers worldwide rely on Scrive, including market leaders such as Pleo, DNB and BMW Financial Services. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Scrive is backed by Vitruvian Partners.


About Fourth Tier
Fourth Tier combines our industry experience with our specialist software expertise to offer transforming technology to vehicle rental and mobility operators across the world.  Our platform, Era, is unique in that it supports multiple mobility models in a single system allowing clients to tap into new markets beyond their traditional rental model.  Era provides this and just as importantly wraps it within a highly intuitive and simple user experience.

One of Fourth Tier’s strategic goals is to partner with technology experts and integrate seamlessly into the Era platform ensuring a best of breed solution for our new and existing customers.

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