South East Care Home Residents Share Their Secrets To Self-Confidence To Inspire Younger Generations


From telling someone they’re beautiful to taking pride in your appearance, care home residents at Brookwater House in London have shared their heartwarming secrets to finding self-confidence to inspire younger generations. 

With an average age of 86, residents at Brookwater House have watched beauty trends come and go over the years – and certainly know a thing or two about celebrating individuality.

Here are the timeless secrets to finding self-confidence from the residents at Brookwater House Care Home in Enfield:

  • ‘Beauty isn’t just on the outside, it’s on the inside as well’, shared Teju (61-years-old)
  • ‘You are born unique for a reason. It’s important to accept it’, shared Ray (88-years-old)
  • ‘Treat your body with respect’, shared Meryll (97-years-old)
  • ‘Feel good about yourself’, shared Audrey (88-years-old)
  • ‘Remember to treat yourself’, shared Frances (98-years-old)


61-year-old Teju, a resident at Brookwater House, had plenty of words of wisdom to share with younger generations when it came to finding inner beauty. 

In a world where social media often takes centre stage, comparing yourself to others is easier than ever. However, Teju believes it’s important to celebrate your individuality. 

She shared, “Don’t look at others. Be yourself and be confident in who you are. Don’t try to be somebody else – you are unique.”

88-year-old Ray, another resident at Brookwater House, also believes self-acceptance and celebrating your individuality is the key to self-confidence.

Ray proudly shared, “You are born unique for a reason. It’s important to accept it”.

He believes taking pride in your appearance can boost your self-esteem, and “a good haircut, fresh shave, smart shirt and compliments” make him feel good. 

Ray gets his haircut weekly in the salon at Brookwater House and jokingly shared how his beauty regime is like that of Prince Charles or President Biden – keeping him looking like a gentleman at all times.

Meryll (97-years-old) also had plenty of life lessons in finding inner beauty to share with younger generations. 

She believes “beauty is all about your energy” and the key to spreading positive energy is ‘listening to your body and treating your body with respect”.

Meryll’s highlight of the day was the photoshoot – and she was a natural in front of the camera. Growing up, her uncle was a photographer, and throughout her childhood, she had many fond memories captured on camera. 

Meryll emphasised that candid pictures hold a deeper meaning and that younger generations today often place too much pressure on themselves to look “perfectly posed” in every photo they share.

“In a digital world, it’s easier than ever before to have an insight into other people’s lives through social media. As a result, we often compare ourselves to others more than ever before.

The timeless wisdom and advice shared by the residents at Brookwater House is not only a reminder that there are so many lessons we can learn from older generations, but also serves as a perfect example of how true self-confidence is nurtured through experiences, embracing uniqueness and treating others with kindness.

The pamper day and photoshoot perfectly capture the essence of this confidence, reminding us all that beauty comes from within and radiates with age”, shares Hannah Karim, Senior Care Expert Manager at Lottie.

“That’s why initiatives like this one at Brookwater House not only inspire, but also bring generations together, creating a sense of belonging, and it has been truly heartwarming to be a part of.”, concludes Hannah Karim.

Daniela Danciulescu, Care Home Manager at Brookwater House, shares the joy had by everyone involved in this intergenerational activity:

“As we age, it’s really important to stay connected to others and your local community. That’s why it’s a pleasure to be able to bring generations together through activities like these at our home. 

Our residents truly cherished the opportunity to share their life experiences and wisdom with younger generations, offering invaluable advice on finding self-confidence. It was so lovely to see younger generations inspired by the words of wisdom shared by Audrey, Meryll, Frances, Ray, and Teju.

The combination of a pamper day, followed by a glamorous photoshoot and social lunch, brought joy to everyone involved and created a memorable and empowering experience for our residents.”

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