Aylesham Housebuilder Delivers Eco-Friendly Christmas Cheer To Festival


Over the Christmas season, on average the UK generates 30% more waste compared with the rest of the year1, with the weight of 3.3 million penguins of plastic waste being generated2. Now more than ever, more sustainable choices are required over the festive period to help combat climate change. To help raise awareness, local housebuilder Barratt Homes, who is currently building on Boulevard Courrieres in Aylesham, has donated an eco-friendly Christmas tree to St Peter’s Church Christmas Tree festival. 

Established in the 1920’s, St Peter’s is a barn styled church which welcomes and hosts the local community in and around Aylesham, Canterbury. From the 16th to 22nd December, the church hosts their Christmas Tree festival annually, where many locals join together and decorate Christmas trees to reflect the community. To encourage a less wasteful Christmas, Barratt Kent gifted the church a sustainable Christmas tree. The tree was handmade from birch plywood and was decorated with ornaments made from natural straw materials. The baubles included stars, balls, and angels, all of which hopefully inspired the local Aylesham community to think about more sustainable choices over Christmas.  


Natalie Perry, Director of Sales & Marketing at Barratt Kent says: “Sustainability is at the heart of all we do here at Barratt Kent. As a responsible housebuilder, we wanted to raise awareness in our communities we build in over Christmas to think consciously on how we can reduce waste and the impact on our environment. We are so proud to have worked alongside St Peter’s Church at their festival, and it was so wonderful to see the whole community together. We thank everyone for helping us sustainably decorate our tree and hope we can all make steps towards an eco-friendly Christmas this year.” 

Steve Charman, from St Peter’s Church, adds: “As always, our annual Christmas Tree Festival was a great success and was bigger than ever. We receive a plethora of Christmas trees from individuals, community groups and businesses in and around Aylesham, so it was fantastic to see the creative designs again this year. Barratt Kent’s tree certainly was a different take on the festival, and offered those who came a unique sense of how you can still have fun at Christmas, whilst thinking about the environment too. This eco-friendly tree means it is one that can be reused every year, so we hope to welcome back Barratt Kent next year!” 

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