Kent Business Unveils High-Quality Perimeter Security Systems for Homes, Businesses, and Public Spaces


In a game-changing move, Alexandra Security Limited, a powerhouse in the security solutions industry , is making waves with its latest announcement of custom perimeter safety and security systems. The company, known for its innovative security solutions and high-quality fences, takes pride in offering more than just products; they provide tailored security solutions designed to align with the specific requirements of diverse projects.

One of the standout features of Alexandra Security Limited is its design & fabrication service, allowing customers to customise security systems that seamlessly integrate with any project’s needs. The company’s product range includes best-selling items such as the mesh fence and anti-climb fence, both recognised for their effectiveness in safeguarding residential, commercial, and public spaces.

In addition to high-security systems, Alexandra Security Limited extends its offerings to include railing gates, handrails, swing gates, sports mesh fencing, and more. Despite the diverse product selection, the company maintains a commitment to personalisation, ensuring each product feels tailored to the client’s unique needs and the safety requirements of their project.

With a clientele spanning education, construction, infrastructure & transport, sports, and utilities sectors, Alexandra Security Limited has earned a reputation for delivering bespoke and ergonomic security solutions that comply with industry regulations. The company backs the durability of its products with a 15-year guarantee, confident that they will perform well and remain resilient over extended periods.

Reflecting on their position in the market, a spokesperson from Alexandra Security, Dave Bond emphasised the company’s close collaborations with clients and communities they work in. “The focus is not just on delivering durable products but on understanding and addressing the specific needs of each project. This approach ensures the creation of unique security systems that are both personal and effective.”

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