The revolutionary Smart Ageing Summit returns to Oxford bringing together world-class scientists for the art of living better for longer.


After the success of the first summit in 2023, the innovative Smart Ageing Summit, organised by the not-for-profit Oxford Longevity Project, returns to Oxford in June.

 Leading longevity scientists, doctors, and thinkers hailing from around the world will head to the University of Oxford to discuss the latest breakthroughs in longevity and healthy ageing. This year’s event will offer the full Oxford experience with punting and a picnic lunch on the banks of historic and picturesque River Cherwell.

Taking place on Saturday 29th June at Jacqueline du Pré Music Building (St Hilda’s College), University of Oxford, the Smart Ageing Summit is set to be a fascinating day. Featured speakers include academic and former Warden of Keble College, Sir Christopher Ball; anti-aging specialist, Dr. Sandra Kaufmann; neurooncology surgeon, Dr. Sovan Sarker; autoimmune patient, advocate, and OLP co-founder, Leslie Kenny; and Dr. Ghada Alsaleh, Head of Oxford University’s UK Space Innovation Lab.

Each speaker will, in addition to their specialist topic, touch on the age-old question: how can we live a healthier, happier, and longer life? Individual topics include what can be learned from the latest A-lister anti-ageing protocols; how to stay healthy into our 80s; and the Hallmarks of Cancer and how we can delay or avoid them to live better for longer.

Tickets are now on sale for the event, which includes lectures, guided movement and breathwork, and lunch, coffee, and tea. Early Bird tickets, offered at a reduced price, are available until 1 May.


“We all know that connecting with our tribe and living in vibrant communities is one of the keys to longer, healthier lives, so we are excited to again be bringing together this group of leading researchers and practitioners to discuss the science of ageing, while also offering attendees a unique opportunity to experience the collegial magic of an Oxford college. After the success of last year, Oxford Healthspan is also proud to sponsor this important event to empower the public with actionable tips to live better, right now,” says Co-Founder of the Oxford Longevity Project and CEO of Oxford Healthspan Leslie Kenny.


About the Oxford Longevity Project and Oxford Healthspan

The Oxford Longevity Project is a not-for-profit project that produces public service webinars around the latest scientific breakthroughs on ageing, with a particular focus on autophagy and cellular renewal. The project was founded by Oxford Professors Denis Noble and Sir Christopher Ball, Oxford College doctor Dr. Paul Ch’en, and Harvard MBA and Oxford-based patient advocate Leslie Kenny. In their most recent webinar, Noble interviews Nobel Laureate Yoshinori Ohsumi about autophagy and his discovery of many associated genes. Previous webinars include “Fasting, Autophagy and Aging” and “Autophagy and Alzheimer’s.” 



The Smart Ageing Summit is sponsored by Oxford Healthspan.

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