Chilterns Neuro Centre Partners with Local Fitness Centres to Deliver Additional Support for People in The Region Affected by MS, Parkinson’s and Strokes

The Chilterns Neuro Centre is delighted to have formed partnerships with the Gym at Halton, Tring Sports Centre and Prestwood Gym and Fitness Centre to provide additional out-of-hours support to people affected by MS, Parkinson’s and strokes.

We all know exercise is important for everyone, but for people with MS, Parkinson’s and stroke survivors, it can be even more so. Early intervention, including exercise, is vital to slowing down the progression of their condition.

The Chilterns Neuro Centre already has a comprehensive exercise programme in place, which has been carefully structured to meet the needs of people with neurological conditions and includes some out-of-hours classes and many online classes, however it doesn’t always meet the requirements for those who are still in work.

These three partnerships, with others in the pipeline, will enable members of the Centre to access more out-of-hours exercise classes at reduced rates.

“To have access to facilities which aren’t defined by a person’s diagnosis, will make a huge difference to how our members feel and whether they access exercise,” said Joe Harman, Exercise Lead and Musculoskeletal Therapist at the Chilterns Neuro Centre. “Exercise helps maintain independence, strength and function for people with neuro conditions. It can help our members to positively manage and cope with the progression of their condition.”

If anyone with MS, Parkinson’s or who has experienced a Stroke feels they would benefit from the services offered then they should get in touch with the Chilterns Neuro Centre by phoning 01296 696133.