Florida Real Estate Agency ABI Group Appoint New Global Real Estate Advisor

ABI Group, a global real estate agency specialising in high-end vacation and investment homes in Central and South Florida, the Caribbean and Europe, is pleased to announce the appointment of Flavia Bazzon J.D as Global Real Estate Advisor.

Flavia will be responsible for assisting clients with various aspects of real estate transactions, investments, and advisory services across different regions and markets, with a specialised focus on working with Brazilian and Spanish speakers in the area.

Flavia brings extensive expertise and a diverse background to her new role, which will greatly enhance ABI Group’s service offerings and contribute to overall customer satisfaction and business success.

Alistair Brown, CEO of ABI Group, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Flavia to the ABI Group team. She brings a wide range of skills and experience to the table, and we are confident that she will make significant contributions to the business”.

Flavia, who holds two Juris Doctor degrees (one from the US and one from Brazil), has a rich professional journey spanning various industries and continents. Having grown up in Brazil, Flavia pursued her first degree in her home country before venturing to Germany to further her education. Upon relocating to the United States with her family, Flavia immersed herself in the world of business, initially assisting her father’s jewellery wholesaling enterprise in Miami. Her natural flair for real estate soon led her to establish numerous valuable connections within the Miami real estate scene.

Flavia’s career trajectory also includes significant experience in law, having practiced as an attorney for six years, specialising in corporate tax issues. This background equips her with a unique skill set, enabling her to offer comprehensive guidance to clients on intricate legal, financial, and business matters that may arise in real estate transactions.

In addition to her professional achievements, Flavia possesses exceptional language skills, including fluency in Italian, Portuguese, and English, as well as conversational proficiency in Spanish and French. Her multicultural background and passion for understanding diverse cultures make her a valuable asset in facilitating international transactions and catering to clients from various linguistic and cultural backgrounds.

Speaking about her excitement regarding joining ABI Group, Flavia said: “I love the international aspect, as you can see from my passion for languages. I love understanding different cultures and being amidst other people – that’s my biggest drive.

“Alistair is the most international person in the organisation, and I trust him as being a solid figure in the industry, so I was particularly excited about that too.”

Flavia’s appointment underscores ABI Group’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and expertise to clients worldwide. With her extensive experience, multilingual capabilities, and deep understanding of the intricacies of real estate transactions, Flavia is poised to make significant contributions to the success of ABI Group and its clients

To find out more about ABI Group, please visit the website at https://abire.co.uk/