Soaring to Success…. New Airport Contract for Capital Compactors


Capital Compactors and Balers, part of the Impact Environmental Group (IEG), has secured a five-year rental contract with recycling and resource recovery solution provider Enva, to transform waste management and reduce its carbon impact, at East Midlands Airport.

The company, which designs and builds a range of waste and recycling compactors and balers for the UK’s commercial waste industry, has introduced to Enva its pioneering and versatile CP10 portable waste compactor solution, ideal for the unique needs of the airport and its bustling restaurants. With a sealed unit and space-saving design to meet the food and hospitality sector’s stringent environmental and hygiene requirements, the portable compactor is the ideal complement to waste disposal.

As part of the comprehensive rental contract for the CP10 waste compactor, Capital Compactors will deliver a high-level service package to ensure a seamless waste management experience. Services will be meticulously conducted by Capital Compactor’s skilled in-house field service engineers, to optimise the performance and longevity of the compactor, guaranteeing its efficient operation throughout the contract.

Notably, with an understanding of the importance of uninterrupted waste management solutions, Capital Compactors has provided Enva with a full warranty to cover all parts, consumables and breakdowns, ensuring that any rare unforeseen issues or malfunctions will be promptly addressed and resolved.

The CP10 has a compaction force of 20 tonnes and a powerful 5.5kW motor, enabling waste to be tackled with ease and efficiency. With a quick cycle time of 44 seconds, waste is processed swiftly, saving the customer valuable time and resources. The compactor has a noise level of only 67dB at 3m from the unit, ensuring a quieter and more peaceful waste management experience.

Daniel Parsons, Managing Director at Capital Compactors and Balers commented: “Capital Compactors is a strategic partner to the UK’s commercial waste industry, and companies like Enva engage with our technical sales team to supply solutions to minimise waste management and maximise savings on a range of waste compaction and recycling baler ideas.

“Equipment rental is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our business, as many firms benefit from this self-fulfilling and self-financing solution; the assets significantly reduce waste management costs, primarily through the reduction of haulage and so, the rental solution enables businesses to pay for the machine while unlocking substantial savings, rather than an upfront investment. By choosing a rental contract with Capital Compactors, our customers can also rest assured that their waste compactor will be fully supported and maintained throughout its entire lifecycle.

“We manage several airports throughout the UK, as a trusted supplier with in-house trained engineers and higher levels of airside insurance cover. We understand the challenges faced by airports and their food establishments in managing waste effectively. Our portable compactors feature lightning-fast cycle times and the ability to handle high-volume throughput – with our CP10, as used by Enva, sites can reduce the number of movements of waste on-site by reducing waste volume up to a 4:1 compaction ratio.

“Significantly, operating the CP10 is not only efficient but also incredibly safe. User safety is of utmost importance and therefore, we have engineered our compactors to be easy to operate, ensuring a hassle-free experience. To further enhance reliability, our network of experienced engineers is always on hand to provide support. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is at the core of our service, and we strive to deliver the highest level of professionalism and reliability. We firmly believe that waste management should be seamless and user-friendly and the CP10 reflects that commitment.”

Capital Compactors and Balers is the UK’s leading manufacturer of waste and recycling compactors and balers. Founded in 2000, the company provides and services waste compactors and recycling balers that waste operators and end-users acquire through rental contracts, as well as upfront equipment purchases.

Custom-made in its purpose-built factory in Barnsley, the compactors and balers are constructed using high-grade materials, boosting longevity and helping reduce downtime.

Capital Compactors and Balers is part of the Impact Environmental Group (IEG), a global environmental products and services business, providing a comprehensive suite of new and replacement products for waste and recycling containers, collection and compaction equipment, and waste transportation equipment. IEG EMEA’s brands include Duraflex™, Taylor, UKCM and Capital Compactors.

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