Hypnotherapist to hold free anxiety talk in historic Portsmouth hotel


A HYPNOTHERAPIST and coach is offering free advice to help busy professionals in the city to overcome anxiety. 

In a bid to empower business people and professionals in the city struggling with anxiety, Denise Bosque, a seasoned mental health professional and anxiety recovery coach, is set to host a complimentary talk in Portsmouth later this month. 

Taking place on Wednesday, February 28, from 7pm until 8pm at the historic Keppel’s Head Hotel in Old Portsmouth, the event invites individuals seeking relief from anxiety to come along and learn new techniques to deal with and eliminate anxiety.

Denise Bosque, a mental health professional with more than 20 years’ experience and many qualifications under her belt, is hosting the event. 

She said: ‘After many, many years of dealing with anxious minds, I know what works and what doesn’t. This event is open to anyone who truly wants to find out how to rewire their brain to be free of anxiety.’

The talk, Breaking Free: Understanding and Overcoming Anxiety will cover a range of topics, such as the genesis of anxiety, its perpetuation, and most importantly, strategies for liberation.

Attendees can expect insights into immediate relief exercises, techniques to halt panic attacks, and an exploration of the neuroscience around brain rewiring.

Denise practiced in London for more than 20 years, helping thousands of people, before moving to Portsmouth in 2023 and opening up a private practice in Southsea.

She hopes that by sharing her expertise with the community she will improve overall well being in the city. 

She said: ‘I’ve met lots of people in Portsmouth during the last year and I think we can all honestly say that we all know someone who suffers from anxiety, whether it’s as a specific problem or generalised anxiety disorder. I want to help more people in Portsmouth take charge of their mental wellbeing. 

‘When you commit, you are halfway there; when you doubt, you turn in the opposite direction. What are you going to do? There is nothing to lose, only a happier life to gain.’

Tickets to the event are free but spaces are limited and should be booked by emailing Denise at denisebosque@gmail.com

About Denise Bosque 

Denise is a former professional actress who started her career in mental health and psychology in 2001. She is qualified in hypnotherapy, EMDR, anxiety, mindfulness and more. She practised in London for more than 20 years, helping thousands of people, before moving to Portsmouth in 2023 and opening up a private practice in Southsea. 

She has authored a Hypnosis CD, over 300 articles, and is currently writing a book on Anxiety Recovery. She has run Self-Development retreats in France, trained people in Public Speaking & Mindfulness, and regularly gives talks on various subjects, often around Anxiety, Phobias, Relationships and Self-Development. In September 2019 she started “Anxiety-Buster Confidence-Booster” a podcast with listeners in over 58 countries. 

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